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The circle is now complete

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The circle is now complete

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11.16.2012 , 12:33 AM | #1
I first picked up a copy of Knights of the Old Republic back in 2003. I wasn't a big RPG guy but I was a huge Star Wars fan. And I was also a pretty big gamer. My very first game on the Xbox was Star Wars: Obi-Wan. A game that wasn't necessarily all that good, but had a high fun factor due to all the robust Force powers and moves Obi-Wan had.

The Clone Wars game was next. And again, the game itself was only so-so, but it was fun to play as Anakin, Obi-Wan and even Mace Windu on various different missions across the galaxy at war.

Then came KOTOR. And nothing has been the same for me ever since. I had only mild interest in that game. As I said, I wasn't big on RPGs and didn't really know too much about them. I read up on KOTOR and thought it might be interesting to play in an era thousands of years before the movies. And the fact I got to make my own Jedi was really cool.

I didn't know anything about the Expanded Universe or the Old Republic era of Star Wars. I knew there was a comic called Knights of the Old Republic, but I never read it. So, with all that being said, I had no idea what to expect with KOTOR.

It was a Saturday when I popped the game in, and then I didn't see daylight again until I left for work Monday morning. That's how gripping this game was for me. It was a true experience. And like I said, nothing has ever been the same for me again after I played it.

Because of KOTOR, I went back and played all the classics: Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment, Fallout, Icewind Dale, etc. You name it, I tried it. All because of KOTOR. And these RPGs led me to MMOs, where I then ran off with World of Warcraft for a number of years.

In Azeroth I stayed for eons, it seemed. Tried out other MMOs and other games, but mostly just played WoW. Time went by and i grew older, went through several life changes, moves, relationships, stressful jobs, everything real life throws at all of us.

But the one thing that never wavered was my fond memories of that Saturday afternoon in 2003 when I first popped in Knights of the Old Republic.

Imagine my emotion when in 2008, Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced. To say I was happy was putting it lightly. I reverted back to a kid. And I've been here following this game since it was first announced.

Now here we are almost a year after launch. I didn't start playing this game until just a couple months ago due once again, to real life being hectic. But I'm so glad I picked the Jedi Knight to experience the story with once I finally got in. And a couple days ago, I finally hit 50.

It's been a long journey for me, and now I can say I have an end to my KOTOR journey. Years of wondering what happened to Revan and his companions, wanting to tie up all the loose ends to those games, and wanting to just play in that era again have finally been put to rest. And while there's still a lot of unanswered questions, I know there will be answers soon.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a nine year KOTOR run that started on the Endar Spire and ended on Dromund Kaas.


It's been a great ride. Thanks for everything.

Now off to do some dailies.

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11.23.2012 , 09:36 AM | #2
It's very nice to find somebody else that had the same experience that I had. I also viewed RPGs and games as a whole, differently after playing KOTOR and also went to play the older games from Bioware. I remember myself jumping around in my room on the ending credits after I had beaten the game. It was truly something for me, now that I think of it it really felt like a heroic adventure. Same thing with KOTOR 2 (although it was a different yet rewarding experience).

I later got into MMOs and WOW and all that and all that I ever wanted was a KOTOR MMO. Imagine my amazement when I first heard about SWTOR. Now almost a year after the release of the game, despite all the flaws I thank all the people who made SWTOR possible because it truly is an amazing achievement and I hope it lives on forever.

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11.24.2012 , 02:06 PM | #3
i shed manly tears :_)
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11.24.2012 , 02:22 PM | #4
I was initially disappointed when it was announced that KotOR 3 (as I had hoped for) was going to be a thing I had never heard of, an MMO.

But almost 1 year ago, I rolled a Jedi Knight, and have been pretty much hooked ever since. Initially taken in by the KotOR experience, enhanced by the MMO aspect, and watching the game improve and grow since launch has been very satisfying, and been more, more and more than I ever hoped KotOR 3 could have been.

I don't think anything could ever live up to that moment in KotOR though. But it WAS an awesome moment.
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KinKyder's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 10:29 AM | #5
My story is basically the same as yours and I'm glad you're having such a good time!

I'm a returning player after unsubbing shortly after release. I'm hoping to get back into the game and try out the Jedi Knight as well. I've always played a Ranged DPS / healing class and decided to try a Monk out on WoW. Got him to level 90 and enjoyed it very much so. However, I've grown bored of WoW again so I'm giving SWTOR another shot. Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying the Jedi Knight.

Glad to have you here and I hope you continue to have a blast, friend!

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11.30.2012 , 02:45 AM | #6
Same here! I actually bought the game on release, leveled a Commando to 50, a Shadow to 50, took a massive break...Just started a Sentinal and I missed this game. It is quite fun(flawed, yes, but really what game isn't?).

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12.03.2012 , 10:13 AM | #7
No. Just no. I don't care how epic JK story is. I don't care what evil he gets to kill. As far as I am concerned there is nothing aftet KOTOR 2. And the book "Revan" doesn't exist in my SW universe. Call me raging Revan's fanboy if you wish, but thats where I stand.
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12.05.2012 , 03:37 AM | #8
As someone with almost the exact gaming backstory, this brought a small mantear to my eye. /applaud

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01.30.2013 , 09:35 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Gelious View Post
No. Just no. I don't care how epic JK story is. I don't care what evil he gets to kill. As far as I am concerned there is nothing aftet KOTOR 2. And the book "Revan" doesn't exist in my SW universe. Call me raging Revan's fanboy if you wish, but thats where I stand.
The book...especially the audiobook "Revan" was the most awesome thing I have ever heard/read. I was basically listening to the book on my phone everywhere I went. It was my little drug.