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Tython Codex Database

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12.05.2012 , 12:57 AM | #91
According to you get the wingmaw entry by killing "Ravenous Darkpyre" on Balmorra (X:846, Y:1218)

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03.10.2013 , 04:54 AM | #92
I can confirm killing the "Scavenging Wingmaw" at X: 283 Y: 1794 on Balmorra completes the Tython codex entry.

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04.10.2013 , 10:13 AM | #93
Hey. I'm still missing some codex items from Tython and according to this thread some of them are story based. Is there any way to get them for a Smuggler?

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04.13.2013 , 09:16 PM | #94
Quote: Originally Posted by pioneerraptor View Post
Here is a list of Datacron and Lore Locations for the planet of Tython. Feel free to make corrections or add Lore Entries that are missing.

Endurance +2: Located at X: -33, Y: -102
- To obtain this datacron, you will need to travel to the camp outside Kaleth. Then follow the Elarian trail towards the signal fire used during the quest to get a Flesh Raider turned into a Jedi. Jump into the water below and there will be a cave entrance (X: -26, Y: 34) that leads to the datacron.

Willpower +2: Located at X: -648, Y: -72
- To obtain this datacron, travel to Upper Kaleth. As soon as you ascend the first fallen column to get into Upper Kaleth, turn right and go up another fallen column. At the end of the column jump onto the hill. Travel towards the right towards the datacron.

Blue Matrix Shard: X: -93, Y: 925
- To obtain this datacron, you will have to travel to The Forge Remnants. Near the exit of the remnants, leading towards The Forge is a small encampment to the right side of the road. Inside here is a Flesh Raider War Chief that is praying to the datacron. Kill him and take your prize.

Lore Entries:
Achievement: Datacrons
- All of these are obtain automatically upon finding the datacrons above.

Achievement: Titles
- Keeper of Truth: Complete the quest [Heroic 2+] The Chamber of Speech.

- Manka Cat: Complete the quest "Pilgrim Medicine". Quest starts from a datapad on the path from the Twi'lek Village to Tython Ridge.
- Uxibeast: Approach an Uxibeast and right-click on it.
- Tythonian War Droid: Simply fight Tythonian War Droids
- Guid: Do the Flesh Eating Baby Quest locating in Lower Kaleth.
- Horranth: Do the Horranth Control Quest located in the camp outside Kaleth.
- Terentatek: Complete quest "Jedi Relic" on Taris. Given to you inside the Old Jedi Temple.
- Wingmaw: UNKNOWN

- All locations will be found through completing the main quest with the exception of the Chamber of Speech. This area is located in Upper Kaleth.

- Rediscovering Tython: X: 115, Y: -857
- - Located in the Jedi Training Grounds. It is a post located in front of the large Jedi Statue.

- The Principles of Rajivari (Consular): X: -76, Y: 804
- - Obtained automatically for Consulars only by completing Rajivari's Legacy.

- Rebuilding the Jedi Order: X: -427, Y: -508
- - Located inside the Jedi Temple on the First Floor. Go through the second corridor on the right then go inside the first room on your left. Right-click on the third chair in the middle row at the back of the room.

- Holocron: Obtained automatically through Story Line.

- Jedi Weapons: X:15, Y: 1569
- - Supposed to be obtain automatically upon crafting your lightsaber. However, many people did not receive it. I have submitted a ticket through the game to see if this is a bug or if the way to obtain it was changed.

- All of them are obtained automatically through story line quest.

Persons of Note
- All of them are obtained automatically through story line quest.

- Flesh Raiders: Automatic through story line.
- Twi'lek: Obtained from a plaque inside a house in the Twi'lek village.. Approx (X:138, Y:-339)
- Zabrak: Complete the Heroic Quest "Chamber of Speech".

EDIT: It has been confirmed that Jedi Knight's and Consulars have received the Zabrak Entry from beating Chamber of Speech. If you did not get it for whatever reason, try the quest again or file a help ticket. I have completed the quest twice with no luck so far.
There is no Jedi Temple on Taris, so how can there be a quest in one?
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12.27.2013 , 05:39 PM | #95
For the non-existent Wingmaw you can find it on Balmorra. I did the following;
  1. Go To Gorinth Outpost Skyhopper
  2. Go Across the Long Bridge near the Skyhopper landing pad
  3. Immediately on the other side of the bridge I encountered 3 Scavenging Wingmaw and got the achievement.

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01.16.2014 , 12:52 AM | #96
I have seen a video that shows the Wingmaw Codex being achieved on Balmora. Unfortunately the clip was quick and a bit out of focus, so I was unable to get the exact location. But look around on Balmora for it. If I find it I will post it.

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07.22.2014 , 08:53 AM | #97
Thanks :3

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09.01.2014 , 05:37 PM | #98
The wingmaw is in the flesh raider territory east to the eastern camp. its not very well hidden. found it today :/

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02.03.2015 , 04:22 AM | #99
For the Consular entry that everyone seems to miss, Satele Shan:

There is a Lore Object in front of the statue on the left as you enter the room with the Trainers inside the temple. Activating this gets you the Person of Note: Satele Shan entry. Approximate (map unfinished) location is -362,-404 Cursor, -357,-50 Player