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Old Republic Charity Freeze Mob Club Idea

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Old Republic Charity Freeze Mob Club Idea

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11.29.2012 , 09:44 PM | #1
Hi Everyone

I'm Arazrael and I live in Southeast Queensland, Australia.

(First of all I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this thread.)

Now on to business! I recently had an idea to start, as the title of this thread implies, a charity photo freeze mob group.

The following link will give you an idea of what a freeze group does:

However, to make this group idea of mine unique, members will only be allowed costumes of Original Characters and they would have to be a Sith or Jedi character, since these are the most easily recognizable classes for the public (And we wouldn't have to deal with any hassles with fake firearms, and people might not like having a gun aimed at them during a photo).

Now the main reason that only Original Characters are permitted is because there is a veritable flood of clubs and charity groups out there who support the characters from the Star wars movies and the Clone Wars animated series. (The 501st do permit cannon npc characters from the game like Darth Malgus but not player customizable characters)

The Freeze Mob members would wander around conventions and charity events in pairs, a Sith and a Jedi, and while they would participate in photo requests from the public, they would also circulate around the grounds and find spots to stop, run through a series of 20 second poses, then move on once people have taken their pictures.

The big finale of the group would be a Mass Freeze Mob photo opportunity, which the public can pay a charity fee to participate in, public participants would be given the choice of a plain black (Sith) or brown (Jedi) robe and loaned a toy lightsaber that lights up so that they can face off in frozen defiance against their faction nemesis!

Please feel free to contribute ideas and let me know what you think of this idea, it would also be nice to learn about people who would be willing to participate in something like this