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When I Wake

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11.25.2012 , 01:30 PM | #191
Love is the strongest magic of them all.

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11.25.2012 , 08:06 PM | #192
Shortly after landing on Corellia...

Gault doesn't stick around.

He visited that associate while on Nar Shaddaa. Amongst their catch up on old times and making new times, he told Gault where Hylo is. So Gault's going after her. Wants to be her knight in shining armour and save her from Belsavis. I offer to go with. But he doesn't want help. Knew he wouldn't. And I wouldn't be able to go anyway.

'Just wanted to make sure you got to Corellia ok. I was going to stick with till this all finished but... you understand, don't you?'

I shake my head and stand up from his bed. I take one of his horns in my hand and pull his head down. I rub his head lightly with my knuckles and laugh at his indignant struggling.

'Never knew such serious thoughts went around your head, Gault.' I let go of him and makes a show of straightening his shirt. 'You don't have to worry about me. I'm not the one facing a woman that I betrayed and has been imprisoned because of it for twenty years.' I spread my arms wide and smirk. 'When aren't I ok?'

Gault gives me a sharp glance but then sneers. Know what he thought and I know it's true. Seems I've never really been ok. Being with Torian is only a temporary relief. And it doesn't change what can't changed. Only makes me ignore it for a while.

He doesn't reply and finishes packing his bags, putting in an extra two bottles of wine. 'Now don't forget to brush your teeth and wash behind your ears. And remember not to get lost when slaughtering people. Uncle Gault doesn't want to travel across the galaxy to come and save you.'

Know these jokes are the only things he can say. Goes against his grain to say anything he really means or what he really wants to. So I laugh in reply and punch his arm lightly, like I should. He cringes and rubs it, moving out of my reach. He looks around his room and shakes his head like he had when he first arrived.

'If I don't make it- well, thanks. Don't think Tyresius would have gotten this chance.' The sober look disappears into another excited and mocking grin. 'Wish me luck with a kiss?'

'Need more than that, Gault.' Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. I know that more than most.

'Is that an offer?' he slyly moves back closer and I look up at him levelly. I didn't mean it like that and he knows it. But I'm taken by a brief spout of compassion for the irritating and roguish Devaronian. I kiss his cheek quickly but counter it with a slap on the other. Don't want him to get ideas for things that are beyond impossible.

I smirk at him as I step away and he sighs dramatically, rubbing his reddening cheek with the back of his hand. He picks up his bags and heads for the door. But he doesn't walk through it without hesitating and turning his head slightly, his eye catching mine.

'Will you miss me?' he asks mockingly. I take his voice as the truth of the question and ignore his serious eyes. He laughs a little and keeps walking, not waiting for the negative reply that I was ready to give. He doesn't stop even as he calls to Torian who waits for me on the stairs. 'I know you will, Mandalorian.'

I don't need to see Torian to know his frown is an expression of disgust. Once Gault leaves and I still don't leave his room, Torian comes in search of me.

'Time for a drink?' he requests.

I nod but I don't walk out like he expects. Instead, I sit on Gault's bed and reach underneath, my hand when out again after making groping motions, is holding a fine bottle of wine.

'Don't think he'll need this if he doesn't come back,' I say slyly. I grin up at Torian and he returns it.

Before I sleep, I send a small wish for Gault to find what he's looking for. And I hope to never see him again.


The next day...

When we arrive to see this Imperial General and receive our orders for the strike on Corellia, they give us a once over.

A long once over.

An awkward and long once over.

They shift position. Cross arms. Some move their hands to their hips. One has an unfortunate and hideous goggle tan. God, it's so very, very unattractive. Would prefer looking at someone with fire burns all over their face.
I look straight at the General. Scorn radiates from all of them. I can feel Torian shrug his shoulders. 'What?' he asks.

I leer at the General. What a warm, awkward welcome.

'Let's get on with this bounty hunter. I've got troops to deploy.' I can sense the General's contempt. I wish I could force choke him. I settle for my highly impressive and well practiced death stare.

'And I've got people to kill.' I pull out my gun. 'Want to be the first?' I'm not really in the mood to humour these people. I'm definitely in the mood to shoot them all.

The others stiffen in their poses: Imperial wax works figures. The General waves away my threat. I shoot next to his head. No one waves me away like a bothersome, trivial fly.

'Darth Tormen demands that I dispatch you to capture Chairman Harlon Fane of Correllian Corporate Council. Save your threats and aggression for the enemy and him,' he replies stiffly.

I sneer in his face and lower my arm. I don't put my gun away. He tells me the plan. Lay out. And then he makes a mistake. 'And remember. You are to deliver Chairman Fane alive and intact. Dismissed.' No one dismisses me.

He is leaning forward over his desk to peer at me better. Leaning on his hands and arms. An attempt at intimidation used for easy interrogations or to frighten subordinates. I shoot both his hands. My blaster is back in its holster before he can even scream.

'I am not your soldier,' I announce as I walk up to his desk where he is trying to stop the bleeding in both hands by covering them in each other. 'Don't try to intimidate me or order me like one or I will be shooting somewhere a lot more painful than your hands.' I lean forward on his desk like he had and whisper my last words. 'Remember that for our next meeting, General.'

We leave without a backward glance as his subordinates suddenly unfreeze and rush to their loving superior's aid. Torian doesn't say anything when walk out the doorway. I don't want him to.

But I still pause and look at him over my shoulder. 'Let's hunt.' I don't wait for his nod before walking on.

He quickly and easily matches his stride with mine. 'Give the signal, they're dead.'

I look at him out of the corner of my eye and smile a little. He sees the motion and returns it but his eyes remain serious. Seems he always knows how to make me feel a little better.

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11.25.2012 , 11:32 PM | #193
I really do want to hug your Hunter. If there wasn't the possibility of stabbing.
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11.26.2012 , 02:06 PM | #194
Gault's Hylo quest made me grin the whole time. A new dimension to his character, lots more depth.
He is leaning forward over his desk to peer at me better. Leaning on his hands and arms. An attempt at intimidation used for easy interrogations or to frighten subordinates. I shoot both his hands. My blaster is back in its holster before he can even scream.

'I am not your soldier,'
This is fricking fabulous. To be quite perfectly honest, I hated Corellia on my bh. Drove me up the wall. I actually, and I'm not kidding, completely lost interest at level 49 with Corellia half done, and went and leveled my trooper from 1 to 50. My vanguard hit 50 first and then I decided it was time. Two toons hit 50 in less than 2 days. I wanted to kill so many Imperial stooges SOOO bad. So I'm really looking forward to the path of destruction your girl leaves behind her hehehe.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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11.26.2012 , 09:08 PM | #195
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
I really do want to hug your Hunter. If there wasn't the possibility of stabbing.
I know, she's crazy yet so loveable.

Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Gault's Hylo quest made me grin the whole time. A new dimension to his character, lots more depth.
Yeah, I like Gault's character a lot so I'm attempting to do it justice. I really would have liked more Gault in the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
This is fricking fabulous.

Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
I hated Corellia on my bh. Drove me up the wall. I actually, and I'm not kidding, completely lost interest at level 49 with Corellia half done
Yep, experiencing the exact same thing. But I know I've got to finish and while mindlessly playing I just plan this Mando thing I'm going to write soon (for this story). It makes it easier.

A few hours later...

It's easy to gain access to the Chairman. General made it sound hard.

When we arrive, my blaster is drawn and ready. I don't think I'll need more for such a pathetic job. Torian just saunters in. Easy and calm. But I can feel he is alert: summing up the opponents and making strategies. We already have a bet. 65 - 35 split. The usual wager.

We get surround when we walk up to the Chariman's desk. Republics keep interesting friends. Torian and I are fully aware of the Wookie in the room.

The Chairman is fat and old. Easy target from the profits of war. Not sure about those around me. But they are stupidly close. Shouldn't be hard to carbonite them and then set them on fire. It's a closed room. Only exit and entry is the one we came from. No vents either. Or windows. Military head quarters never really seem to have windows. Or politician head quarters. Wonder why that is. Guess it's easier to hide things.

'Wait, wait.' The fat Chairman raises his hands from the desk he sits in as a gesture of calming but not surrender. Neither would work.

The body guard is smarter. 'Sir, they're dangerous.' Understatement of the year. By his more senior appearance and willingness to speak, I'd say he's there leader. Should take him down first.

Before I can make a witty comment I haven't thought of yet, Torian jumps in. 'Don't know the half of it.' My heart pulls. God, he's perfect. I grin at the Chairman. It is a terrifying, sadistic thing. They really don't know the half of it. But I'm more than willing enough to show them.

'They're also clearly not Imperial soldiers. This is a matter of money, not loyalty. Am I right?' He tries to sound reasonable and like it's all very simple; like he knows me and understands everything more than the loyal body guard.

Not even half right. No wonder the Republic is always the losing side. 'We can't all be bought. I always fulfil a contract. And my reasons are far from simple and singular.'

His attempts at reasoning are humorous and wasted. But I humour him. For the moment. Apparently he can open many doors. I already know what's behind the Republics doors. And I'm not going back there.

We walk through the fluorescent white corridors. Everything is as I remember.

We're on the second floor. East side is the med centre and chemical testing. West side is experiments. I was born there. We clear the east side first. I pick up my serum, inject a large dose and break everything else in the room; delete data from the computers and slaughter everyone in sight. Torian hangs back a lot. Not sure what he's thinking. I don't think I want to know.

Then we make for the west wing.

We have cleared out the animal experiments. And we stand side by side at the end of the corridor. Only one room was left. And it was the hardest to open. When the seamless white door opens, it takes a moment for it to sink in.

Eventually, my mind catches up with my eyes and I vomit at the sight. It's not the familiar smell of metal and singed skin and hair, it's the memories it brings back. And the overwhelming wave of empathy I feel for twenty others. And the pain of the memories is twenty times worse.

Under the low lights on twenty surgical beds, are twenty twisted variations of me. When the vomit stops and there is nothing left, I walk along the beds, looking at each new cyborg. At the end of the room is the large computer I remember. I search their files and what I find is disgusting.

I wasn't called Primacy for no reason.

They are varied attempts to create a stronger me. More robotics, removing bones for metal, the brain becoming removed and replaced entirely with a computer instead of a hybrid. Just sacks of flesh and a cloak of humanity around nothing but droids. I don't want to know what this makes me. But they reference me a lot and hat they are trying to do better. All the time I had been with them, they were trying to make an army of me. And I don't know why I am surprised.

Why wouldn't you? Mindless things that can be controlled like droids but blend in with society; as efficient and fast as Jedi and with no scruples; a droid that has instincts but no feelings. But their experiments are failing. Their bodies are rejecting the intrusion and dying. My serum doesn't work on them and their bodies just die and rot leaving the droid inside. And that droid works still. I don't want to know what that means for me.

They can't find why they fail and it seems they were all Republic soldiers captured on Nar Shaddaa and the most promising brought here. However, it was discovered and thought Imperial. New capture point is on Coruscant itself.

There is reference to one near success. Something called the Secondary. I don't have time to read further but I read enough to know it isn't in the base. I take the files, wipe them from the computer and then set charges on it. Torian stays at the door to the room. No one comes though. As I leave, I stop at the head of each bed and stare into the blank, dead faces of the experiments.

They aren't all human, but all are young. Seems they tried to find as many as possible close to my age, possibly hoping my success was related to the diminishing plasticity of the body during adolescents after childhood. All are humanoid: a beautiful Chiss, an orange Twi'lek, two pale Zabrak, and even a Rodian. The rest are humans. Some are rotting. But all you can smell is blood and disinfectant. Some have two eyes like mine, others have two real ones. Some have robotic hands, and some have blasters for hands. Despite my overwhelming repulsion, I manage to think 'how the **** would that be practical?'

Some are still alive, some are dead.

As I go along the lines, I shoot each twisted experiment in the head. I don't flinch, I don't cry and I don't hesitate. After each shot, I splash oil on their bodies and plant an explosive. I don't want any of this to be left.

These deaths are the only mercies I have ever performed. I only wish someone had done the same for me.

'Sometimes, I wish he had.'* Sometimes, I wish someone had killed me, too.

This isn't life. And it isn't worth living.

'Why collect one small bounty when you can be paid a fortune in wages?'

I leer at the Chairman as he continues. 'I hate taxes, for one. And I can't just do this for another.' I turn quickly and shoot a body guard clear in the forehead. Torian shrugs and spreads his hands.

'Sorry,' he apologises. But the small twitch of his lips says otherwise.

My leer grows larger; it becomes a twisted crescent of teeth and malicious spite. The others look to the Chairman for orders. He erects a force field around himself. Coward. But that will never stop me.

They attack. Torian moves for the Wookie. I take the others. Freeze and burn. They fall quickly and I move to help Torian take down the Wookie. I look Torian in the eye and he knows what I'm saying: 'You owe me dinner.' He nods and grins. We hit wrists and kiss.

We walk over to the Chairman. He surrenders and is disbelieving. A mercenary with honour. Unbelievable. I want to kill him. But I don't. Just threaten a little, shoot his right ear off and few fingers in his left hand and then freeze him. Support arrives and takes the body.

We kill everyone left on our way out. Makes up for it.


* Torian's reply to Jicoln saying Mandalore had sworn to kill Torian as a baby.

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11.26.2012 , 09:47 PM | #196
Secondary....oooo (I have a theory, I do I do, can't wait to see if I'm right )
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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11.26.2012 , 10:22 PM | #197
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Secondary....oooo (I have a theory, I do I do, can't wait to see if I'm right )
Same here.

Also, *sends hugs to the Hunter and hope she doesn't get stabbed*
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11.28.2012 , 04:46 AM | #198
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Secondary....oooo (I have a theory, I do I do, can't wait to see if I'm right )
You'll just have to wait and see.
You're probably right though.

On a side note - just want to say that when the BH mentions 'It' (as she has in the past since Tython) she is referring to the Secondary (who was mentioned in Yours to Hold when Torian saw the name on a datapad). That's all.


An hour or two later...

On the way back to the General's office, Torian gets a call.

It's Corridan.

He's on Correllia.

Doing a job in the sector over - Government sector. Don't ask Torian how Corridan knew we were on Corellia. It's only a small scale op and not a full battle. Torian will only be a soldier for this. Corridan gives a meeting place of their camp before Torian confirms he's in. I just grin at Torian and give him a nod from the rubble I'm resting on. Torian stands in the middle of the road and there's definitely no fear of getting hit by a speeder.

'We'll be there,' Torian tells Corridan with confidence.

'Mhi? So you're taking your wife along?' Corridan asks with more amusement and interest than surprise.

Torian nods to the small blue figure and I can hear the holo figures amused chuckle. 'Would be crazy not to,' Torian replies.

'You'd know.' The small figure shrugs and grins, before holding his arms wide and palms up. 'More the merrier, right?'

'Only if there's still enough to go round,' Torian replies with a small smile.

'Don't need to worry about that. Should be plenty. Be facing around fifty trained personal guard and one hundred and fifty Republic soldiers against our squadron of forty.'

'Your idea of plenty seems to be shrinking, old man. Not even enough for half our number without us.' Surprised by Torian's form of address and wonder how long Torian has known Corridan. Guess if he gave Torian his armour it must be a long while. Think Corridan became his father figure and by what I've heard so far, it's not a bad role model. Wonder if Torian knew Corridan's son.

The figure laughs and Torian gets down to details. 'Be there tomorrow night. Gotta take care of a few things first. Don't start without us.'

Torian shuts it off after Corridan's farewell. There's yearning in Torian's eyes as he watches me sit and wait. I walk up to him and pull him into an abandoned house around the corner. There's more than enough of them. Doesn't mean the impulsive move is the safest.

After, we lie in each other's arms. I like putting my head to his chest and memorising the beat. Thump, thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump. It's always a little slow. But right now, it's quicker. I can hear his breathing. It's a little fast too. He's nervous about something.

He fiddles with the ring on my finger. Strange how quickly I got used to its light, constricting weight. I watch it flash between his fingers and smile at the design of weaving vines. Can tell he made it and it and it makes me wonder when he found the time. Guess he's not the only one that does things when the other isn't around. Wish mine were as sweet.

'Was feeling a little guilty, letting this get this far and still never introducing you to my friends.' He keeps twirling the ring and though it starts to rub and feel uncomfortable, I let him continue. 'Was thinking next time I hear from Corridan, we go on a hunt,' he says with a nervous edge. Smile a little at the thought that he's more nervous now than when he proposed.

I sit up and he turns on his side to look at me. I stroke his hair a little, moving it back from his eyes where it had caught and caressed his eyelashes. Think I'd like a break from Sith and hunting humans. But I know I have things I need to do before then. Been putting finding It off since Tython. Tried a few leads straight away and now, for the first time when I finally have a strong one, I'm hesitating and delaying. Because I don't know what I'll do when I find It.

I smile and ask with amusement, 'a Mandalorian vacation?'

He grins a little. Pulls me down and closer. 'Thought you'd like one. Nothing takes your mind off things like ducking a stampeding boma.'

I smirk a little but look down so he can't see it. I like his insights and intelligence but I hate it when that insight is turned on me. Was trying hard to not let him see how returning here was affecting me after the morning in orbit. Not like me to hold the weak and troubled card. I would feel pathetic if I let him see how much being here slowly destroyed me; feels like every step on this ground burns my soles and everything that touches me on this acidic ruin of a city scorches my skin; the air feels like poison that worms it way to every part of my body and doesn't stop wriggling there. Never letting me rest and never letting me forget.

See too many memories of fear and anger haunting every unknown shadow and lurking around every nameless street. Worst are the things I remember when looking at the grass and trees that now burn. I hate the things I see under the sun. General didn't stick to the shadows when I first knew him.

I kiss Torian's neck and his ear to hide my face and keep it from the searching blue eyes. 'Nothing? That's a big statement. I can think of a few things that might,' I whisper.

I want to take his mind off thinking about what might be on mine. I can't let him see how hard it is to not kill him when he looks at me on this planet with so much desire and affection: how hard it is on this planet to not stab him in the back when he touches me. Because I want him to be this close to me. But I can't control the insidious nature of this very planet and how it persuades me into vicious fury.

I was surprised by the kid the first time. Not sure how many people he's been with. Either way, he was amazing. And I like to think it didn't come from a vast amount of experience. Don't think my serious Mandolarian is like that. Guess it's more of a hope. Would never ask such an uncomfortable thing so I guess I'll never know. Have no reason to judge. My record is far from short no matter what the circumstances were.

'Need to do a few of them so I can make a comparison then,' he replies flirtatiously. I've already started before he finishes the invitation.

After, we head to the Generals office. Suns just past midpoint. Should have told Corridan we'd be two nights.

Before we walk in, I have to make a conscious effort to remove my smile. This is business. Business is always serious. You are a professional. I repeat the mantra but it doesn't remove my ever growing smile. It takes a lot of effort and concentration just to try and repeat that. Feel like something's snapped that had previously been straining. Guess this is as close to hysteria that I might ever come. But if I have it than Torian must also because when I look at Torian, he is having the same problem. Never thought Torian would have a problem looking serious. Guess this might be a normal thing to feel when in love. Either that or we're both mad. Only know I'm going to cherish this feeling of bliss and the ecstasy of genuine smiles whole heartedly for just a little while longer. Just until I pass through the door.

When we walk in, Darth Tormen is there. So is the General. Large bandages are around his hands and a fierce scowl is wrapped around his haggard face. The sight of the Sith removes any happiness and smiles. This is business.

'You have obtained Chairman Fane. Good. We proceed on schedule,' Tormen greets us with. Sith hospitability and pleasantries are strange things. I hear a lightsaber in the back is often the same as a wave good bye.

Tormen glances meaningfully to the General and makes a gesture with his hand that's a mixture between a dismissive wave and a threat. 'General, see to the bounty hunters reward,' he commands in a voice void of any respect.

The General scowls even worse at me but bows to Tormen and walks out. Tormen keeps his sharp red eyes on me as I stand comfortably, looking at finger nails with a bored expression. By the irritation in his voice at what comes next, I have the feeling he doesn't appreciate my behaviour.

'Because you were not late and Chairman Fane is relatively intact, I will over look other actions. But I will not do it again. Remember the consequences.' With a flick of his hand, Torian is thrown against the wall. I don't turn and look. I don't let my anger or worry show. Abhorrence fills me and I reinforce the walls around my mind. I hear Torian's heart beat and that is enough. Business is serious.

Tormen continues. 'Now. Our next objective is to bring Corellia's beasts to heel.' As he speaks, I hear Torian pick himself up off the ground and walk steadily over and know he stands straight and proud at my side. I will kill this Sith before the month is out. But only when the job is done. You are a professional.

I smirk a little at Tormen's metaphor. 'You want an animal handler? Find the circus. They're cheaper.' I turn to walk. But I am lifted off the ground and choked.

'Silence,' Tormen commands. Torian stands still. I can imagine the lists of actions and outcomes going through his mind. He settles for the smartest: to stand and watch with clenched fists.

I relax my muscles and stop my blades from extending. I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing such a useless weapon against this. I can withstand mind tricks, pushes and dodge rocks, but I can't stop this. So I wait it out and know he will never kill me. I stare into his crimson eyes and see anger and intrigue. I don't think he's ever faced insolence before. And I don't like the way it's arousing him.

I sneer at his face. So he lets me down and I spit orange blood at his feet. He ignores it and doesn't cease his discussion of the next attack. I'm to kill a Selonian rebel leader. The General briefs me of the plan after Tormen stalks out: put slave collars on Selonians, go to ambush point, ambush Selonian leader, capture Selonian leader, meet Tormen in the park to deliver Selonian leader.

So very, very round about just to get one small rat. Seems Tormen needs to secure power and force the Republic to surrender. See the strategic and symbolic difference between surrender and crushing but that doesn't remove my irritation at having to do the Sith's dirty work. Always preferred killing to capturing: vendettas to schemes. And I find myself thinking for something far from the last time, don't they have actual Imperial soldiers for this?


Around four or five hours later...

I do the whole slave collar crap and go to the ambush point. I wait at the ambush point alone and eventually five Selonian's approach from the shadows.

The Selonian's are angry with me and call me the Ravager. I like the name. Think I'll keep it. Better than 'terrorist' and shorter than 'Republics Most Wanted.' Sums up what I do. Yes. I like it a lot. I'll ask for Torian's opinion after where done here because they don't seem willing to give me advice on it.

The leader wants me to surrender quickly. Never going to happen. Even the Selonian think that will work. But I think they're kind of cute. Weren't as many in the area where I grew up as there are in the capital. They were rare in that area. Shame to kill them but not enough of one to stop me.

'Yield? Come make me.' I signal to Torian who watched unseen by them. He advances, staff drawn and collared prisoners in front. He is proud and tall. 'I hear your quite the fighter,' I continue when the captives stand before me. 'Let's settle this personally, winner takes all.'

The leader watches the prisoners and considers. He shakes his head. It is a large furry thing that seems blown to comical proportions against those of his slim, fuzzy body; the head of a novelty bobble toy that rests on a slim stilt.

'If you had honour, you would not hide behind prisoners. I refuse,' the leader decides with passion.

Torian advances. He slashes his fist through the air. 'You can't!' I try not to smile. I love it when he is so angry in that Mando'ad way. Always so honourable. Always so serious. I really don't mind.

They tell us to surrender again. And give up the prisoners. Like that's going to happen. The leader threatens to make an example of me to my Sith. I let this slide. They aren't mine. And I'm not theirs.

'Wrong answer,' I simply return. I shoot the prisoner next to me. 'Oops.'

'No more threats,' Torian growls as he stares at the leader with fiery blue eyes. I like when Torian is like this - when he is willing and able to kill someone. Still refreshing after all these months when compared to those I spent with Mako and Gault.

'I suggest you shut the **** up and kiss the dirt before they have another accident.' The other Selonian's take my suggestion. Smart. The leader doesn't. Not smart.

It was an easy and quick fight against the living bobble toy. Always seems to be that when someone is kneeling and bleeding, we stop and let them beg. I don't know why I do. I guess I like to have the last word no matter what. Only the leader doesn't beg. Defiant until the end.

'Shut up.' I spray him in carbonite and head back to the taxi.

Time to meet a Sith in the park.

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11.28.2012 , 08:03 AM | #199
Tormen is such a walking dead man.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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11.28.2012 , 09:43 AM | #200
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Tormen is such a walking dead man.
Ooooooh yeah he is. I wish we could go back and watch our class story cinematics, cus I'd really like to go back and watch my Bounty Hunter talk off to Tormen.. :P
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