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New HK Parts!

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11.24.2012 , 05:19 AM | #1
I have been grinding out daily missions for the past 2 weeks for comms so I could get the new droid components schematics - just got the 595 comms I needed this morning and bought all the schematics in one go - and cant help but feel it was all for nothing!

I am never going to make those parts - the mats required are absolutely crazy - it would cost literally millions of credits to craft a full set of them! I can understand mods for players taking an effort to collect mats and craft - but this is a companion - at max lvl most of the content is for groups of players - why did they decide to make these parts so difficult/expensive to make?

Or am I missing something - have molecular stabilizers become easier to obtain from somewhere? I tried the space mission but after getting 11 synthetic energy matrixes in a row - the space mission grind is not good for ones sanity!
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