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Do you feel you have much relationship with most of your companion characters?

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Do you feel you have much relationship with most of your companion characters?

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11.13.2012 , 12:46 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Andge View Post
Tonight I reached lvl 50 with my second character - a sith warrior. My first lvl 50 was a smuggler.
Once I finished the smuggler story line and saw the sequence with my character with all his companions, I felt I had no clue who most of them where, in fact I think I've barely ever interacted with most of them.

And now tonight I felt the exact same way when I finished the warrior story line.

Due to prefered gameplay and spec, one often ends up prefering to play with one or two of the crew. Which means the companion stories do not progress for the other companions and you have almost no interaction with them except from the few times during the whole story where the whole crew gathers around the holo thing in the ship.

I wonder if the companions should simply be intergrated better into the class story, so one's interaction with them becomes less dependent on their affection towards you.

Anyway, how did you feel about each of your companions once you finished whatever class story? Did you know all them or where some of them just random strangers?
I did once I maxed out Vette's affection and she mentioned kiddos and ****. Then she left me a mail that was a cliff hanger. Haven't heard from her since. Lame.
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11.13.2012 , 10:59 PM | #22
SI: Talos and I really clicked. He's just this nerdy Indiana Jones with witty lines and I love to hear his stories. He has a unique accent and he is a great healer!

Khem Val is a bro. He got me through half of the Inq story and he was great for my Sorc.

Andronikos spent more time on the ship, mainly because two ranged DPS in the field didn't work well for me. However, when I talked to him I found him to be one of the most organic, down-to-earth companions.

SW: I'm only halfway through but Vette is a blast. Her companion quests offer rich backstory and I feel there is great chemistry between her and my Warrior. I love that Twi'lek!

Quinn is interesting. He is a good healer but I haven't spoken with him a great deal.

JK: Kira is boring to me. Her lines are often corny and I don't find her humorous.

Doc radiates scumbag. I initiated a romance with him and he is incredibly inconsiderate. His heals are about the only thing I like.

IA: Kaliyo is my pocket anarchist. She just wants to burn everything down. Not much depth so far but I'll have to up her affection.

Smug: Corso is annoying. His drawl grates my nerves and gets old real quick.

Risha, I like. She is a careful cynic with the kind of flair that suits a smuggler.

BH: Mako is cute. That's about it. Don't know about the rest but I'm looking forward to Blizz.
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11.24.2012 , 01:22 AM | #23
Quinn and I were quite chummy because I'm retired military and have worked with a British officers in the past. Quinn is essentially a play off one or two RN stereotypes. I get it and it makes me laugh. The exception is the 37 year old virgin routine. I'm just not buying that any man of his age and looks(AND military) can be that awkward and clueless. Nosir. Anyway, I avoided his end game stalker letters by playing a male warrior

Vette was definitely my second favorite. She's quirky and funny and for the most part upbeat.

Pierce was third. Again the military connection though I had a huge problem with the way he harped on and on about his shipboard nemesis. I consider him a whiner but he's still fun to fight with.

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