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Back from long break a bit confused

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Back from long break a bit confused

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11.22.2012 , 11:24 PM | #11
Commando is more or less fine in Assault Build with full WH/augs gear. I have about 20k and burn pretty painfully BUT what you must learn or surely forget that you're not Rambo anymroe as we were when spamed gravs and blew peeps up too fast for they could realize you're shooting them. Being assault you are a kiter now, LOS-man and a corner/wall lover. If you just run with the rest of your team, be sure monkies have already targeted you and ready to leap. Their first target is commando ALL THE TIME. I had to COMPLETELY change my style. Earler i just ran and exploded healers, now i burn monkies jumping on our healers first and catch stealthers staying behind our healers leting our monkies anihillate their healers meanwhile. Usually i stand out of anyones sight and quite often imps don't even know there's a commando in our team. I come out only to stop cap or so. THere was a match on CW when i didn't die a single time participating in crazy mess on mid like 7vs7 (imp premade). We won that match.

Yesterday i met a commando 21k with awesomely tuned gear. No accuracy but power/surge/crit. He's done 680k on void w/o much AOE, i had only 460k and i had the 2nd line. THe 3d was about 380k. So, commandos can burn even maras if lucky with CDs. Even if you die, your foe will also do being DOTed if you do all right. If i see that i'm almost dead, i use Techover and throw all i've got before the killing blow: Plazmanade, Plastique, Sticky, Incendiary and HIB if i manage. It's usually enough to kill mara or juggernaut. Our deadly enemies are ssins hybrids. No chance at any circumstances. Opers are also strong against us.

So, in general if you really love your commando, it's playable more or less. If you doubt, Vang assault is much more solid AC tbh. I really hope for 1.6 - 1.7 changes but judging by the Devs' work, we'll wait really really long. They prefer buffing Marauders/Juggernauts with monkey 5-7k strkes.