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Possible Suggestion for the Hypergates WZ

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Possible Suggestion for the Hypergates WZ

Diplomaticus's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 05:15 PM | #1
I like the new WZ. I like the concept and I like the looks of it. But watching some vids of it being played on the test server made me think of a slight change of the rules that could possibly make it more exciting/tactical/fun etc.

Right now, there is a 2:30 minute relief period between the explosions. In the right upper corner of the map there is a timer you can look at to know how much time you have left to do your capping/killing/pylon charging...

My idea.

Randomize it.

Just arbitrary numbers here: make the explosion (obviously with the charge up warning when it's actually about to happen) happen anywhere between, say, 1:15 and 3:45 minutes.

It would make everything about it more exciting. The pylon you're trying to cap is quite literally a time bomb: you need to defuse it (to get big points) but it can go horribly wrong (which is your queue to go, not easy when nearby enemies are trying to flee in the same direction while trying to stop you simultaniously). Charging up a pylon - I mean carrying those orbs in the middle to it - of your own becomes much more risk/reward. Right now, if you keep your eye on the timer, it can't really go wrong (which makes it probably a slightly more boring job to do in the wz). This way, it gets significantly mroe risky.

Anyway, other people may not feel the same way as I do. And anyhow, I look forward to the warzone, it looks dead fun, whatever form we may get to experience it!