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Massive serverwide gtn fail

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11.17.2012 , 10:48 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Kadin View Post
You only get it back when it sells or ends with no buyout. I've never gotten the posting fee refunded when I've cancelled an item. Been like this since launch.
The loss of deposit was here from start for items cancelled.
What is new however is that you now also lose the deposit when you sell or when it expires.
And even worse is that when you sell you not only lose the deposit but also an percentage of the ammount you sold it for, i for example sold 5 molecular stabilizers and all combined i think i lost out on 50-60k becaus of this.
And i havent found anything of this new cut in the patch notes nor any confirmation on any of the threads from some develloper.
Other people have allready made threads about it but they also have no idea if this is either a bug or intended.

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11.17.2012 , 11:10 AM | #12
1. This allows poor people sell rare stuff on GTN. "Oh, I could sell this on GTN fro 20kk, but first I have to somehow make 2kk for deposit fee."

2. Undercutting? Please, do undercut. I'm getting good stuff for money I make during single daily q, not sure about you, but I'm happy.