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The Skadge Appreciation Thread

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The Skadge Appreciation Thread

YoshiRaphElan's Avatar

10.02.2012 , 06:08 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by TrumpetNut View Post
Dude Mako is REALLY anoying cause she doesn't have any good customizations exept the secuirity key one and she IS SO WHINY and sucks as healer...
Mako's starting appearance is adorable, no customization required.

TrumpetNut's Avatar

10.26.2012 , 11:27 AM | #32
Mine is: Skadge, Blizz, Khem, Yuun, Lokin (as rakguol), Broonmark, Elara, Vette, Jaesa (dark), scourge, T7-01, Guss, then all others. Corso is # 1,000,000,000,000,000+

Noobishlord's Avatar

10.26.2012 , 06:23 PM | #33
I appreciate the fact that I can turn Skadge into a curse word, and NOBODY questions me on it.

Other than that, he's fugly and doesn't pack a rocket launcher.
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bahdasz's Avatar

10.28.2012 , 04:19 AM | #34
H8 Skadge. I wish Gault was the melee tank, seriously. I like the abilities Skadge has and he's plenty tough for PVE, but I HATE looking at that big ugly frog-glob freaking character. He's way too big and ugly to make it enjoyable to play with him as a companion and the character's personality sucks balls. Gault is the only companion that's entertaining and he's the most useless one for a merc/pyro, so I'm stuck with a big frog-looking brick s-house. I too would very much like to flush him out an airlock.

Burgdawg's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 06:39 AM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Hotdollar View Post
What is it about blizz that makes him such a good companion and effective other than that he's a jawa?
He pulls a rocket launcher out of nowhere and proceeds to layeth the smackdown on their candyasses. Worth it for the hilarity alone.
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The_Brick's Avatar

11.01.2012 , 10:03 AM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by Burgdawg View Post
He pulls a rocket launcher out of nowhere and proceeds to layeth the smackdown on their candyasses. Worth it for the hilarity alone.
And occasionally he says "boom boom" and laughs... Also, I love his crew skills fail message, wish the cs success sounded as cool.

explodr's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 01:49 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
Mako's starting appearance is adorable, no customization required.
But... red hair...

On topic, I used to be really annoyed with Skadge, but warmed up to him over time. It's funny how he likes it when you talk trash to him, and in general his psychopathy is at an almost comical level. He fills the shoes of 'token evil teammate' rather comfortably.

Philastra's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 03:28 PM | #38
Skage looks good in a dress....put him in the sorc gear...
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Andyhipkiss's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 01:22 PM | #39
Skadge has to be my favourite companion. His constant trash talk, whether aimed at me or his target always makes me smile. He is also a decent meat shield, as long as you turn his pushback ability off.

Mako is too sweet and sickly. I tried hard to like Torian, but his whining gets a little too much. Gault is OK, but two ranged DPS dont work well (Im Merc) and Blizz is, well amusing for a few levels then it gets tiring.

SirMandokarla's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 06:05 PM | #40
I didn't know it was possible to have negative affection until Skadge. I have 4 companions with 10,000 and 1 with -1000. Guess which one? I tried to tell him to go away before he wound up on my ship, mostly because I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, but he got to go with me anyway. As for fighting with him, I took away all his armour and weapons, so I bring him along once in a while just to happily watch him get torn apart by whatever I happen to be facing at the time.

For some context, the reasons I hate him mostly stem back to him being a big, dumb brute. Doesn't help that he's evil and I feel like I should constantly have two people on the ship just to watch him and make sure he doesn't kill Gault, eat Blizz, or... well, worse.