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Useful Warrior Datacrons.

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05.23.2012 , 08:47 AM | #91
I went ahead and made one of these for Agents, for those that are interested. it covers: aim, cunning, presence, endurence and Red matrix shards and the +10 stats one.
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05.31.2012 , 04:15 PM | #92
Thanks so much for this! I rated this thread as Excellent. Would love to see it stickied, also.
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07.08.2012 , 05:08 AM | #93

*caps was intented

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07.26.2012 , 09:09 AM | #94
all of these are good for Assassins too
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10.09.2012 , 08:02 PM | #95
Quote: Originally Posted by bliapis View Post
+4 Strength: [Galactic History 46: Nadd’s Legacy]
cant climb the stairs of the dam with my Sentinel for some reason, it will slide no matter what

I had the same problem... and used a Mc Gyver trick:

Remember the magnetic gun used for the +10 datacron? I used it to pull me up and got the datacron easily

and Tomshe, you are a legend man.... thanks for all the work you did for us!
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11.12.2012 , 11:30 PM | #96
I do believe that the green green green matrix shard is the endurance lvl 50 one n the yellowyellowyellow shard combo is str lvl 50
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11.21.2012 , 12:39 PM | #97
Nice tips.
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02.19.2013 , 01:02 AM | #98
If I create Matrix Cube 24 lvl, whether that I will be able to create subsequently lvl 50 or Matrix Shards will disappear?

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07.03.2013 , 06:51 AM | #99
I didn't read the whole 10 pages, so sorry if it's already discussed, but does somebody knows if there are lvl 55 shard combination or plans for that?

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08.28.2013 , 01:54 PM | #100
Can anybody on Beregen Colony please show me where the Datacron assembly site is? I have SOOOO many shards from comp. missions, and I need help.
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