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/Life in the republic: The republic barrier<...>

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/Life in the republic: The republic barrier<...>

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11.09.2012 , 01:54 PM | #1
The republic barrier system:

Systems of republic design follow a standard modular design, with exception to temple systems used by the jedi to simulate iinteraction, send messages, and review the historical record. These systems that are devoted to teaching jedi, and the process of restoration. Most basic systems use the republic barrier. A design that provides layers or perimiter fields of security, when dealing with the remotes commonly used by republic sources. The archives hold a more focused explination to this part of life within the galactic republic.

Systems functions at different rates, as barrier systems of rotation, that identifies any problems on republic networks. Tools used by troops tend to be less advanced than systems used by jedi to pacify any encounters in the process of diplomatic duty. Jedi temple systems use exponensial increases only jedi can handle. It is one of republic tools of research used by jedi for temple investigations.

The ability to use frequency to effect basic biology, is a basic part of the republic system, that would have been taken off-line in favor of implant designs once used to recover troops from severe injury, If not for the intersession of the jedi council; dedicated to the protection of all sentient life-forms.

Jedi intersession in other times, is highly restricted in order to learn from the history of the order. Jedi are required to under-go years of study, to understand the flow of destiny with the force. Republic barriers serve as a companion support system, in some cases. to prevent direct mental exposure to systems of political influence.