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Jedi Knight vs Jedi Consular story (underrated?)

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Jedi Knight vs Jedi Consular story (underrated?)

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07.22.2012 , 04:41 PM | #1
I've heard that a lot of people complain that the story for the Jedi Consular is really boring, and I completely disagree. Let me explain... (Warning: Spoilers below!)

Bioware themselves have said that the Consular is based on Obi-Wan Kanobi, while the Knight is based on Luke Skywalker. So, first off I will admit that Consular story does start off kind of slow, however, by the start of Chapter 2, the Consular character really finds his feet and he really becomes...well, in terms of personality & abilities you very much become like Master Satele Shan in many ways, you know? You're still a relatively young Jedi, but throughout the prologue even, its heavily implied that there's a stud in there, a rock inside that alien who's exceptionally strong in the Force, that could be a better Jedi leader than Master Yuon was, a better Jedi leader than the Order has seen in a long time.

You start off like all jedi, you know, as a padawan. Then you go about saving these afflicted Jedi Masters, and you've got this Jedi Council's pet healer/wise man kind of personality, and by design, you know? You can't just start the character off perfect, there's nowhere to go from there.

And up until the end of Chapter 1 your character prefers words to action, much by design. But in Chapter 2 it's time for him to step it up, because the Republic is in danger, and the Empire plans to hit them while they're vulnerable. As thanks for all the Jedi you saved and defeating this plaguemaster, you end up becoming a Jedi Master & Barsenthor,the latter of which is a title of extreme respect given to a trusted diplomat and warden of the order. Your job in Chapter 2 is to convince a number of planets that the Republic cares about them by fighting the Imperial presence on each world - because if those worlds do secede there's no way the Republic will be able to survive the Sith Empire's assault. And then in Chapter 3, when the peace treaty is shattered by the Empire, is where you find that next gear and really become this Jedi Master that all of the Rift Alliance worlds & the races you recruit unequivocally tell, "Yes, we will follow you to the seat of the Empire and beyond." The final boss of the Consular story I won't spoil for you, but suffice it to say that it really played out in a way I did not expect. And at the end of the story, you end up becoming part of the Jedi Council (though you still go off and fight the Empire on Illum). How awesome is that?!

As for the Jedi Knight, correct me if I'm wrong (I haven't actually played one), but from what I've seen a lot of it is predictable lightsaber duel after predictable lightsaber duel. Even though it does culminate with you killing the Emperor (which is undeniably EPIC), according to the lore behind the scenes, not only does he ultimately actually survive, but instead of removing the evil influence and allowing the Empire to accept a new path of life as the Knight had intended, they're now more determined than ever to destroy the Republic and the Jedi.

Having said that, I think the main reason why so many people prefer the Jedi Knight's storyline is because it involves a lot more action, remembering what the Jedi are supposed to be about. This lawful good overdrive. We're supposed to be superheroes, you know? Even if we are defenders of peace, we can't just sit around while the Empire kills innocents, murders Jedi, and enslaves force-sensitives. And I think a lot of players want to feel that overdrive -- we're in it to make the galaxy a better place. And I think also the Trooper storyline has its own version of that, you know, stopping to consider what's happened the past couple of years and what's been lost and fighting for the good of the Republic and all. Plus I know a lot of people really like classic warrior classes in MMOs (I myself have always kind of liked healer classes and I would definitely point out that the Consular, especially the Sage, is not really intended to be a "warrior" or "fighter" lore-wise)

But I definitely think the Consular's story is very well-written in it's own way. You'll be proud to be a Jedi by the end of this thing, regardless of which class you choose.

(On an unrelated note: I've always thought the male Consular voice sounds a lot like Alex Trebek.)

Anyone else who has played both a JK & JC agree?

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07.22.2012 , 05:02 PM | #2
For me I see it this way: Jedi Knight is for the KotOR fans, it's a very obvious classic Star Wars story but doesn't really expand at all on the lore, Consular is for the KotOR II: TSL fans, it's a far more intellectually based storyline and is mainly for the fans of Star Wars over all, it expands a lot on the existing lore and delves deeply into the meanings of the force.

Just the thing I noticed between the two.

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09.12.2012 , 09:45 AM | #3
The consular also has more ranged telikenesik abilities I have seen which can be important for those that prefer that kind of playstyle to the more up close and persoanl meele abilites of the knight. Every class has its advantages and drawbacks that are each suited to a different play style that will appeal to different individuals.

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09.12.2012 , 03:19 PM | #4
i just didn't like the fact that the only planet you help in the rift alliance is balmoria, these guys seem a tad selfish yet you don't help mananan or ryloth (im guessing the twilek is representing that planet as i have forgotten) quesh work to a point but i feel that you only go to hoth because the gamplay demands it nothing more.

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09.12.2012 , 06:03 PM | #5
I have enjoyed the Consular story so far I admit I am only on Nar Shaddaa mainly because I want to get my Inquisitor to level 50 before finishing my alts. However I think there is more to the Consular being on Hoth than people think or able to catch. So for those who doubt give the Consular a try even if you might need to leave and comeback to the character from time to time. I know when my Assassin is finished my Shadow will be next.
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09.19.2012 , 05:09 PM | #6
I don't think either story is boring. I think certain planets are hideously boring, whatever class you are. Now, playstylewise...I prefer my Guardian, but like my Shadow a lot.

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09.22.2012 , 02:09 PM | #7
Not mean to bad mouth the JK story; but in war the one people call Hero that kill the King is an assassin ^_^ it's not a very respectable definition but it's a truth. While the one win the war is a general, a soldier and a diplomatic.

Eldarion_Velator's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 03:56 AM | #8
For those paying close attention to details and nuance, it quickly becomes clear that the Knight is mostly just a meathead, whereas the Consular is the brains and the power. Just look at the titles and ranks; for one thing, titles are a dime a dozen for the Consular, while the Knight doesn't earn nearly as many over the course of the story. Even the title of Master is handed to the Consular at the start of Chapter 2 as an afterthought; according to the story, if the Knight goes DS, the Knight does not get the title of Master at the end of Chapter 3. Further, it is the Consular, not the Knight, that gets offered a seat on the Jedi Council, DS or LS.

The Consular, after Chapter 1, also is given quite a bit of leeway and freedom to move without having to answer to the Council on Tython after every major event. By the end of Chapter 3, the Consular becomes effectively the single most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, not only as a member of the Jedi Council (having defeated yet another Master in Syo Bakarn/the First Son), but with an army composed of some of the galaxy's fiercest warriors, and a familiarity with some of the galaxy's highest-ranking individuals (not just Supreme Chancellor Saresh). The Jedi Order dares not touch the Consular because the army answers to the Consular, not the Order, and the galaxy's high-ranking personnel know the Consular, not the Order. The Consular's title Barsen'thor means "Warden of the Order," indicating that it is the Consular's duty and within the Consular's abilities to guard and guide the Order.

The Knight? A champion of the Order, sure, but not a Jedi warlord, and still at the Order's beck and call. The Knight certainly doesn't hobnob with some of the galaxy's highest-ranking politicians, and certainly isn't rewarded with the title of Barsen'thor or a seat on the Jedi Council. The Knight has no army like the Consular's, and there is some question as to whether or not the "Emperor" that the Knight defeated was the definitive form of Vitiate.

The Consular's story is somewhat slow-going in Chapter 1, but in terms of galactic standing, there is no question who is first.

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03.13.2014 , 04:34 AM | #9
The Knight story is the usual trite Karpyshyn stuff that I got sick of back in 2003. Also, Doc is obnoxious and the end to Chapter 2 made me very angry. On the bright side, the gameplay is awesome (Vig Guardians ftw) and you get Kira.

The Consular story is a slightly less trite building-alliances thing that I'm not sick of yet. On balance, I'd say it's significantly better than the Knight story. On the other hand, Tharan is incredibly obnoxious, and I'm not a fan of the gameplay while solo leveling (Sage healing in group content is pretty fun though). Also, while it's good to see somebody acting like a war leader, the troop levels the Consular is dealing with are actually kind of sad. Part of that's game limitations, I know, but still. You don't really feel like a general. More like a lieutenant commanding her first platoon.

Now, to be fair, the Knight does get in some token high-level command stuff on Corellia, near the end. Probably one of the best parts of the class's story. So it's not fair to talk about the Knight as "just some meathead"; this is the greatest warrior in the Order, who also apparently possesses significant acumen for command. High politics is, however, much more of a Consular brief than a Knight one.

I think that people took the Consulars' dry, relatively emotionless, understated voiceover job, which was kinda boring, and painted the rest of the story like that. Which isn't really fair. The story's perfectly fine. Voice acting wasn't my thing.
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03.13.2014 , 07:38 AM | #10
I don't like to compare class stories and say which is better and which is worse...because they are all different...and they all tell their own story. It simply comes down to personal preference...not whether or not the actual story itself is good or not.
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