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Guild Spotlight: Introduction

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Guild Spotlight: Introduction
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09.05.2012 , 11:42 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey everyone!

I would like to introduce our newest Community blog, the Guild Spotlight. In each blog we will take one guild from around The Old Republic™ and share their story. We plan to feature guilds from all walks of life; from the hardcore Operations guild to the roleplaying guild setting up nightly events in their favorite cantina. If you have an interesting story to tell, we want to help you share it!

Are you interested in being featured in our Guild Spotlight? All you have to do is take these questions, answer them and then copy & paste them into your forum response to this thread.
  • Guild Name:
  • Guild Website:
  • Server:
  • What makes your guild stand out?
  • One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
  • Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
Keep in mind that in order to be selected certain Terms and Conditions apply*. We are looking for guilds who are friendly and respectful members of the community. If your guild is found to have been in violation of the forum or Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service you will be ineligible.

If selected for the Guild Spotlight, you will receive a private message from us here on our forums, so keep your eyes open for it! Thank you to everyone who is interested and we look forward to reading all about your guilds.
If you want to learn even more about our Guild Spotlight, you can read more here.

*Please note that all responses to the questionnaire and all user-generated content (“UGC”) contributed by users is subject to the SWTOR Terms of Service. No unsolicited material or content will be accepted. Remember, BioWare™ will never ask for your username or password.
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09.05.2012 , 02:27 PM | #2
Guild Name: Jen'jidai

Guild Website:

Server: Jung Ma (Empire)

What makes your guild stand out?
For me...the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what makes Jen'jidai stand out is our community and commitment. 2 years prior to launch we had formed a tightly knit group of like-minded individuals who have dedicated plenty of their time to form the guild we enjoy to be apart of today. Jen'jidai has always prided ourselves on organization and lore driven gaming. One of the things makes us unique is our equal focus on RP Lore, PvP, and PvE. We embrace the immersion which can come from being in a MMORPG world. No matter what outcome the game would have or will have, our members WANT to stay together, bond within the SWTOR community and overall survive and push ourselves forward. We go out of our way to be there for one another and strive to perform to the best we can. A guild is made on people. Those people become your family and you'd do what it takes to make sure they succeed. Jen'jidai does just that. We promote respectful interactions with those playing around us and try our best to lead by example to other guilds that we come into contact with.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
We work hard to make our server community on Jung Ma a better place and stick together. Jen'jidai has supported Bioware for years now and has attended/been invited to plenty of events (Many Pax conventions, Guild Summit, etc.). We value the friends and allies we have made on our server's community and outside our server. We are the guild people would seek out when you want to be in a supportive, respectful, organized and friendly guild full of peers.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
Jen'jidai is an Empire aligned guild that takes in any race and class. We have participated in both the guild beta and pre launch. One of our focuses, as a guild, is to provide our members with the tools and opportunities they deserve to get maximum enjoyment from this MMO. As I mentioned above, we support PVE, PVP and RP (having been ranked on fan sites within the top 50 US guilds in PvE) and actively tries to make our server a better place by reaching out to other guilds. We participate in cross faction RP with in depth story lines. We support and care about one another, grow stronger and simply know how to have a good time! Despite our numbers... I can say that everyone actually knows each other. It's not about whether we downed a boss first on our server or if we're able to beat up our opposing faction... it's about our members and pleasing these members so our community can work! We care about these people, our server and the entire SWTOR community. It's a home away from home.
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09.05.2012 , 02:31 PM | #3
Guild Name: <Chosen>
Guild Website:
Server: Prophecy of the Five
What makes your guild stand out?

We are one of the few 16man Hardcore Progression guilds holding a top world position. We try to keep the competition alive and fresh within the community to promote better playstyles within the guilds as well as some friendly competition! Friends of other guilds tend to be made and strategies tend to be shared with this mindset. We stand out because we keep a casual attitude and the mindset that everyone has potential to be an amazing player.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:

The main reason would be to show others that this game is very much alive in the PvE aspect of the game. Although we have a very committed group of PvP players (Valor 95+), some community members assume that PvE guilds are few and far in between and that they are a dying breed. With this spotlight, it becomes apparent that hardcore progression guilds pushing for World Firsts very much exist within this game as it does in other MMOs. It would be in both of our interests to spotlight a guild like ourselves due to this.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?

Our guild represents a tight knit group of players that a lot of people strive for in MMOs or various other game genres. Some might assume that hardcore progression guilds house 'elitists' or other variants of that word, but our guild shows that it is not the case. We are a group of friends who enjoy gaming together. We made SWTOR our home and plan on staying until the very end. We are avid Star Wars fans and have found our niche to be here.
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09.05.2012 , 02:35 PM | #4
•Guild Name: The EH, was originally 'Emperor's Hammer' but during the move from Keller's Void to Jedi Covenant it would not allow me to use the name regardless of how I spelled it

•Guild Website: or

•Server: Jedi Covenant

•What makes your guild stand out? Our History... The Emperor's Hammer was originally created in 1994 to continue the stories in the original Tie Fighter game. Since then we have supported about every Star Wars gaming title that has been played on the PC... That along with member fan fiction allowed us to grow, even aquiring members who didn't know star wars at all... So when SWTOR was announced we immediately began planning for it and currently have a guild size of about 250.

•One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild: Our guild members deserve it... all of them are excellent examples of MMO players, helping others when needed, participating above and beyond, making themselves available even when you know they want to be doing something else.

•Anything else about your guild that you would like to add? In the Emperor's Hammer we strive to always be helpful to others, helping new members level, helping older members get that piece of gear they're missing... and all of us working together to not only make each other better... but to make the guild better as a whole. Even non-members benefit from this by just asking.

Thank you for your consideration
William MacVicar
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09.05.2012 , 02:37 PM | #5
Guild Name:

Angeli Aetherii

Guild Website:


Jung Ma (Republic)

What makes your guild stand out?

We are a very close-knit group that promotes social interaction and community more than progression and being "first". We find that by doing so we have loyal and dedicated members who truly support one another and the guild. They're also more interested in logging into the game because they know their "friends" are on and they want to interact with them.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:

We are the guild you go to when you want to feel supported, respected, and loved by your peers.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?

We are always recruiting potential friends. You might find we're not a perfect fit for you and vice-versa, but let's go down the path and see what happens.
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09.05.2012 , 02:39 PM | #6
Guild Name: Exiles
Server: Begeren Colony (RP)
What makes your guild stand out?

We are Begeren Colony here (RP/PVE) and our guild Exiles is almost 6 months old now. We're a culmination of various friends who PvP'd and would run Ops with each other across several now defunct guilds. We united under one tag and became Exiles.

It seems this has been the most beneficial thing to do as we run as many ops as we can at a time and try and have 2-3 raid days a week. We're an active guild surviving and thriving. I previous worked as an event coordinator for a small game company and that experience taught me that interacting with everyone in the community and helping everyone achieve things in the game keeps them around longer. For example, we have very good relations with various Imperial side guilds and have conversation with them, compare raid strategies, gear setups, builds, PvP together, basically anything that would benefit our server.

Our guild is not run by a single leader. We have a Council that makes the big decisions as a whole and have Masters/Knights to advise us on guild matters. This seems to be extremely effective in keeping people interested in the game as we all have a say or at least the chance to influence guild decisions. Recruitment is a prime example of how our system works. We prefer to have our applicants play with us while on ventrilo which serves as a way for our community to make sure that they are a good fit in terms of personality for our guild.

Our raids are never divided into "Alpha Team/Beta Team" type. Every week we form raids in a way that the DPS/heals/tanking is equally spread and priority goes out to those who could not make it the last time but were able to make it this time. This causes very little issues amongst the guild as we would all rather progress as a whole and stay interested in the game than have one group of us progress further and create a rift between members.

Now our server is not the most progressed and we are not the guild that blows through Hardmode Denova in an hour every time as we change our composition nearly every run. We surely could do it but we don't want to make any solid attempts at it without getting the rest of our members geared up so everyone is on the same playing field. The community on our server is wonderful. A lot of our endgame guilds gladly share campaign level schematics for only the cost of the schematics. No additional cost on top of that. I don't think I'd be far fetched to say our small community on our server is one of the better ones out there in the MMO world.

Our guild is looking forward to new content and is always willing to give advice to new and upcoming players. It has been my own personal goal that it can be known on our server if a new player has a question all he has to do is find an Exiles member or any one of our allies and they would gladly answer it for him. I feel it is important to not lose contact with your beginnings in the game. We were all new at some point so take that extra time to lend a helping hand to someone that is learning. The worst it can do is keep them playing.

Our server seems to be a utopia and I feel proud to be a part of it.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:

We are not a one trick pony guild. We do things as a team and for each other. We are proof a guild that takes in to account what is best for the guild as a whole is able to survive.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?

Check us out! Feel free to register on our site and join/create conversation. Even if you have no intention of joining our guild or simply have some questions we will welcome you.
Consular - 55 Shadow
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09.05.2012 , 02:39 PM | #7
Guild Name: Love in Alderaan Places (republic) and Jawa Sweat Shop (empire)

Server: Jedi Covenant

What makes your guild stand out?
Our Name for starters and to anyone thats ever played galaxies, they know me. I'm the Quenker King.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
We're a bunch of idiots, and by idiots I don't mean we don't know how to play. We do. We really do. We just tend to make things...more...interesting. Like for starter we made our leader, who plays an operative on the sith side, Tank and Heal and DPS through most of the story while we commentated on his performance. Sure at first he was a bit annoyed, but then he started show-boating.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
We've been around for a long time. All our members are ex-swg vets and I'm a famouse Beast Master from the game. Well, to be honest, we're jerks, but we've all known each other for a while since Galaxies, and some even before, none the less. (one of our members is from the Imperial side...while the rest are rebels!) We joke around with each other, and well, troll each other so much that any other person would come across us and be offended. We don't mean harm, we're just having fun, and to be frank we're like a family.

Are we recruiting? Well, that depends. We don't spam invite like more then half the guilds out there, we like to preview our "selections" and see how well they fit with us. If someone is good, easy to communicate with, and easy going, they can be selected, but, if they are just looking to join because of either "I know you, you are the quenker king!" or "I just want the tag" or even "I want free stuff" they will be sent off.

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09.05.2012 , 03:03 PM | #8
Guild Name: Reclaim

Guild Website:

Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

What makes your guild stand out?
What I can say about Reclaim, why it stands out, it's because we are certainly one of the guilds that got one of the highest average age in the SWTOR community, we can't guaranty it but we got an average age of 30+ we are many older people playing in the guild. And we are a proud part of Ruthless Community with our own section for the Republic side on the same server as Ruthless that plays on Empire. We stand out due to that we have so fun playing together and no really high requirement to join our guild and our friendly environment, we are a part of a big Swedish Community and we are really pleased to be a part of it and we can grown in our own parse.

I can even add that our guild stands out a bit because we got an agreement with another Swedish guild and that is that we will play 16 man Operations every second week together and try to get 8 from each guild and to split it, everyone have the chance to win an item if they are in need of it. This is supposed to happend 1 or 2 nights a week when we are raiding, this is a concept that both Republic of Sweden and We in Reclaim are happy to accomplish because both guilds wants to play 16 man operations but don't really have the active PVE players for it.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
We want to be in the spotlight due to that we want even more Swedish people to know that we exist and that we want them to not play alone but to play with other swedish players that are really enjoying the game and to play as a casual social player instead of raiding every night or playing all the time. We are really looking out for our members and thats why we in Reclaim and the Community of Ruthless are working really hard to prevent any disputes inside the community.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
Reclaim are a guild that plays both PVE, PVP and even have Weekly Events such as Datacrone hunting for the members, both low leveled and max leveled members are welcome to join. We are letting everyone leveling in their own parse and letting everyone to speak out about what they are having in mind. We are having Guild meetings with all the members atleast 1 time every month. This is just to insure that we got alot of members gathered and can say their and be a part of the decision that are made for the guild and that we are aware of the ideas are appreciated by the members and so they can give their own opinion how they feel and if they are satisfied.

With best Regards

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09.05.2012 , 03:03 PM | #9
Guild Name: The Prodigal Knights
Guild Website: TBA
Server: Ebon Hawk (Republic)

What makes our guild stand out?
Our guild is inspired by Revan, the Prodigal Knight. Our group specializes in helping people in quests and are friendly eachother. We love to play the game and every member is unique with different playstyles like PvP and PvE. We are a big happy family and we accept our new members with a warm welcome.

One reason you should spotlight our guild:
A reason we all think you should spotlight our guild is because we all love and play this game. We have been playing this game since Day 1 and have been experiencing the best storylines.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
The Prodigal Knights accept any members like PvP, PvE, and RP. We are a casual guild who loves to play and doesn't tolerate on trolling other members.
Marrek Vain

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09.05.2012 , 03:11 PM | #10
Guild Name: Memories of Xendor
Guild Website:
Server: Prophecy of the Five - US East Coast PVP

A little about us:

Memories of Xendor is a guild dedicated to everything that is SW:ToR. We exist exclusively in this game, focusing on PVE and PVP endgame content, leveling, and fostering a fun and competitive environment for our players to enjoy their SW:ToR experience. We are diverse and respectful. We have existed since the day pre-launch went live and have been active in our server and the overall game community since, with no plans of stopping!

What makes your guild stand out?:

One of the biggest things about our guild is our focus on just that: being a guild! We are highly organized and motivated to make sure everyone gets what they need out of a guild both socially and from an in game perspective.

We have three distinct PVE raid groups that complete the content the game has to offer every week. We have a team committed to competing in Rated PvP. We make sure that even people who are just leveling or enjoying the lore of the game have a good environment to learn and to succeed. We want to enjoy every facet the game has to offer for the best overall experience.

We pride ourselves on not being "that elitist endgame guild". While we have many MMO and raid/competitive PVP veterans. However, many of our contributing members are first time MMO players. We work with everyone to make sure that we offer everything we can in the way of advice, help, and organization.

We are highly detail oriented. We have active rosters, crafting lists, how to write ups, video, crafting documents, etc. to help us organize. We've integrated our guild membership with social media such as Facebook to make sure that we are accessible and integrated in our guild members' every day life.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:

In addition to creating a community for like minded gamers to come together, one of our goals at the outset was to provide tools to the rest of the SW:ToR community to use and make a contribution to the game we love as a whole. This led us to develop and test the MoX Parser that much of the community uses for real time raid data parsing:

Since its launch over 65,000 raid keys have been generated using our tool.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?:

If there was anything I wanted to stress about Memories of Xendor, it's our commitment to this game. We love this game, and we aren't leaving anytime soon. We've developed tools to help the community. We strive to set a good example for the community. We've participated when our feedback was welcomed, such as at the Guild Conference this past March. We hope to continue enjoying the game for years to come!
Moxboss - Founder of <Memories of Xendor> on Prophecy of the Five
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