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Change Heroic Icon color please

Dizmani's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 02:21 PM | #1
Not sure if this was brought up, and I can't seem to find the "Suggestions" section on these new forums, but here goes.

PLEASE, change the color of the Heroic's icon the map and above the quest giver if you've already done it before! I've wasted a bunch of time on Balmora seeing a "new" quest on my map, walking over there, listening half way thru the cutscene then going "SON OF A....." as I realize it was one I just did yesterday.

Just something on the icon so when I see I know "Hey, I've done this one before" and I can decide whether to not to head over there again.

I think it'd be best just to change the outline from yellow to blue or something, or even just change the inside to blue (or a color) like how they are green for turning in quest or purple for a group members quest.

I personally think this would help a lot, I know a lot of ppl in my guild think the same way.
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