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Beware of fake email

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06.18.2012 , 03:05 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidacid View Post
from anywhere... companies routinely sell lists of e-mails... hell I'm sure places like Hotmail and G-mail themselves sell lists...
Well yeah, but I find it awfully suspicious that I never got any of these types of e-mails (other spam, sure, but not MMO related e-mails) until right after I signed up for a WoW account.

/puts tin foil hat on

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06.18.2012 , 03:06 PM | #22
I would throw this email into the trash along with the message from that lottery winner in Nigeria. Better yet, report it as a phishing scam if your email has that option.
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06.18.2012 , 03:21 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonoka View Post
Yep, I have gotten the exact same e-mail for games that I have never played....
I got an e-mail like that from WOW, and I never played WOW! Also, a player named SWTORS (yes, you read correctly), which I promptly reported, whispered me ingame with vague menaces of account perma-ban if I didn't "verify" it in the link he promptly gave me! Not to mention the gold (pardon, credits) sellers that sometimes send me ingame mail!

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06.18.2012 , 03:24 PM | #24
Its quite simple to see if these emails are fake, log into the game, if you can log into and play the game then its fake. If they catch you gold selling or buying/selling your account BAM no more playtime for you.
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06.18.2012 , 03:24 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Glimmerstrike View Post
Just a heads-up

PURE ******** LISTED BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell your personal Star Wars account(s).

As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement.

If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled.

It will be ongoing for further investigation by LucasArts's employees.

If you wish to not get your account suspended you should immediately verify your account ownership.

You can confirm that you are the original owner of the account to this secure website with: :

Login to your account, In accordance following template to verify your account.

* Secret Question and Answer
Show * Please enter the correct information

If you ignore this mail your account can and will be closed permanently.

Once we verify your account, we will reply to your e-mail informing you that we have dropped the investigation.


LucasArts, the LucasArts logo, STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks in the United States and/or in other countries of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. 2011 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PURE ******** ABOVE ^^^^^^^^^^
I did not read past your original post, but the one thing you "ALWAYS" want to do when you get a suspicious email to to go and select " check/read/show FULL HEADERS".

This will tell you if the email is legit, I get these fake emails all the time and just laugh .