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Advanced Class Switching/Respeccing?

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Advanced Class Switching/Respeccing?

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12.18.2011 , 04:15 AM | #11
You can't change your class, but you can reset your skill points at a "skill reset trainer."
"Nerf the high ground."

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12.18.2011 , 05:58 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmybob View Post
When I joined Rift to fill the void before swtor, I did not have any intention of becoming a fanboy. But.. man, I wish swtor had half the features Rift does. Like, having multiple roles for your character.

Although I totally understand why Bioware didn't go in that direction, I mean, who wants customers to have the most fun possible...?
Here's the thing though, most Ac's can fulfil multiple roles. Simple fact is BW wants your sub, to maintain your sub they want you playing as much as possible hence giving you incentive to roll alts will help with this.

Having fun is subjective and shouldn't come at the cost of other people's enjoyment. Allowing AC switching would lead to FotM rerolls and class imbalances and ninja looting.