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fix the dang sound

VLAHD's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 11:10 PM | #1
1. For gods sake fix the fing sound that "YOU" broke...enough is enough...the new raids are hard enough as it is...when you cant hear the sound ques, reactions are slow and you take way more damage than you have had more than enough time to get it right.

2. The stormcaller/firebrand encounter is bugged...its dropping lightning balls on the tanks almost every time even with somebody running on the ground. And, lightning balls are dropping inside the shields even with somebody running outside on the ground.

Please fix these problems...if you cant fix the bugs as they come up or "YOU" create with your "fixs", this game is doomed. Honostly, who cares if the 1-50 content seems fun (thats atmost 3 weeks of causal play) are measured by their endgame and PVP...both of which you are failing at miserabley.

For all of you who are going to tell me to quit if i dont like it, pack sand. I'm paying for a service that im not recieving. If we quit because of game issues not being addressed, then our remaining subs should be returned for failure to provide promised service. Honostly, your performance is even falling below microsoft levels. Atleast they can fix the issues reported on the last 20 pct of a product they put out. I'm not sure how you guys fix anything? Faceroll on keyboard?
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