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My server is dead - we need transfers now, not in early summer

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My server is dead - we need transfers now, not in early summer

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05.10.2012 , 12:40 PM | #831
I would rather have server merges but oh well. -------- Wanna see epic online videos? This is the hot spot!

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05.10.2012 , 01:15 PM | #832
Please do server transfers. I cant get pvp games on 2 servers during the day especially since the Aussie move.
I Love this game, and wish I could play it as much as I'd like. Is that too much too ask?
I'd like to be able to play my main anytime I wish.
Please Hurry
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05.10.2012 , 01:38 PM | #833
I can break the issues with SWTOR down to two possible factors, and this i believe will apply to almost any issue you can think of with this game.

A. SWTOR has had the worse, in house and beta testers in the history of MMO`s , none of whom made it beyond lvl 35 or ever had to repeat a 95% space baring HM.


B. EA and BW ignored the input from there own in house and, Beta testers ..

now if you feel option A. is the case, then with the input from actual players and with the proper amount of time allowed, BW and EA will fix this game.

If you think Option B is the case...then you are left with the notion that EA and BW knew what was wrong with this game and sold it to us anyway Choosing to ignore the input from the people they PAY to test the game, and they ignored the input from the beta testers( free non-biased input) and no amount of pleading , patching or back patting is going to fix the broken leadership in this company .

i could believe SWTOR having bad in house testers...but i can not believe the MMO community Beta testers did not voice their concerns with the game. and im left with option B.

I see the potential of this game but i have to ask myself, is this company capable of performing the work needed to bring these changes to fruition? and all i can think of is a company that fails to listen to its own quality assurance department is doomed to fail.
Server transfers wont fix a game with poor management..even if it is a good game with potential.

my 2 cents

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05.10.2012 , 02:14 PM | #834
Its apparent to all the server pops have died.Since they arent moving faster on server mergers, Im fairly sure most of us running on the free month are done after it runs out. Not because I hate the game or because I am threatening them, its because I have nothing to do and yes I am levelling toons as well but my main 50 sits around with nothing to players on and the only pvp matches we can get going are against the same pub premade that is driving everyone else away. sorry but players are sick of losing...go on say something smary or ignorant...nothing changes the players are leaving. Want the game to belong to a select group of ubernerd basement dwellers..good for the rest of the world moves on.
I think the following would help
in no particular order

-server mergers
-cross server groups and warzones
-guild housing /spaceships
-freestyle space combat
-vanity tabs for gear look customization
-world pvp,(i liked the concept of iluum but it was being abused)
-allow people to group up for pvp in larger groups
-allow players to pick their warzones
-bracket pvp(i dont think just by level, lets do it by expertise and valour)
-rebalance classes and factions constantly

Honestly, legacy, pets, crafting changes and new flashpoints and ops are fun but they eventually get stale. What players need is the ability to feel more sandbox and less linear grinding. Its simply kills the desire to play long term for a vast majority of players both old and new. Im sure there is more content for pve and pvp Ive missed but I just want to give an idea that the game as it is isnt satisfactory for more players Ive talked to and extreme measures will be needed soon or the game will just fade away in most MMO players minds as they move on.

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05.11.2012 , 01:22 AM | #835
Diablo 3 coming in 4 days, the end of my server is near

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05.11.2012 , 01:32 AM | #836
I just wonder if the stockholders read this board...cause you can already see someone is fudging the numbers if you look into this game at all. Considering there are 100 underpopulated servers.
  1. Keetael
  2. Krayiss Obelisk
  3. Khoonda Militia
  4. Infinity Gate
  5. The Courageous
  6. Firkrann Crystal
  7. Cho Mai
  8. Anturi Reach
  9. Whitebeam Run
  10. Veela
  11. Hedarr Soongh
  12. Kinrath Spider
  13. Ki-Ta Kren
  14. Hanharr
  15. Firaxan Shark
  16. Zez-Kai Ell
  17. Master Dorak
  18. Nathema
  19. Rwookrrorro
  20. Sedyn Kyne
  21. The Deadweight
  22. Thendys Noori
  23. Gardens of Talla
  24. Fort Garnik
  25. Telos Restoration Project
  26. Axial Park
  27. Colonel Tobin
  28. Crevasse City
  29. The Crucible Pits
  30. Eidolon Security
  31. The Defenestrator
  32. Davik's Estate
  33. Bondar Crystal
  34. Terentatek
  35. Naddist Rebels
  36. The Constant
  37. Infinite Empire
  38. Mandalore the Indomitable
  39. Death Wind Corridor
  40. The Twin Spears
  41. Rakata Mind Prison
  42. Saber of Exar Kun
  43. Port Nowhere
  44. The Maw
  45. Shadowtown
  46. Black Vulkars
  47. Vulkar Highway
  48. Prophecy of the Five
  49. The Corsair
  50. The Bastion
  51. Belgoth's Beacon
  52. Anchorhead
  53. Wound in the Force
  54. ICE Breaker
  55. Daragon Trail
  56. Kathol Rift
  57. Kath Hound
  58. Sword of Ajunta Pall
  59. Iron Citadel
  60. Warriors of the Shadow
  61. Nadd's Sarcophagus
  62. Darth Malak
  63. Thana Vesh
  64. Master Gnost-Dural

The most underpopulated servers in Europe
  1. Niman
  2. Tassaa Bareesh
  3. Ahto City
  4. Scepter of Ragnos
  5. The Kumumgah
  6. The Shadow Runner
  7. Tott Doneeta
  8. Ula Vii
  9. Senator Contispex
  10. Kai-kan
  11. The Exile's Crystal
  12. Chuundar
  13. Uthar Wynn
  14. Trayus Academy
  15. Hex Droid
  16. The Ravager
  17. Eye of Ashlanae
  18. Dxun Battle Circle
  19. The Arkanian Legacy
  20. Sith'ari
  21. Basilisk Droid
  22. Ludo Kressh
  23. Kellian Jarro
  24. Sluis Shipyards
  25. Bloodworthy
  26. Starstorm One
  27. Flames of the Crucible
  28. Rogue Moon
  29. Hydian Way
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05.11.2012 , 02:12 AM | #837
Server merges now not in 3 months when the game is dead and burried!
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05.11.2012 , 06:53 AM | #838
Quote: Originally Posted by Bryoal View Post
How about getting transfers rolling with a LFG tool and all will be well. Throw in ranked WZ's and this game will sky rocket imo.

three most vital updates that I think will put SWTOR population back onto the road of recovery. The moment ex-subscribers hear that they can move from a dead server to a living one, you will see a large amount of re-subs.

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05.11.2012 , 08:28 AM | #839
so i gona sk this again....probably EA still wont aswer it like they didnt earlier in this thread, in other threads and on there twitter....

why is it taking so long for server transfers`?
australia/pazifik tranfers went very smooth without any problems, so the way to do it exsists. but still nothing about when we others are getting the transfers. why not?

would be very kind if a "yellow writing" person would find some time between playing on testserver, testing new content like events and so on, to answer this question

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05.11.2012 , 09:13 AM | #840
I'm tired of waiting for even basic information about the how and when, paying money to have to be in a holding pattern and not play, so I just unsubscribed.

For weeks this has been the community's #1 issue and they've given us nothing.
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