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Regular Crashes and Freezes since 1.2

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Regular Crashes and Freezes since 1.2

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05.05.2012 , 08:04 AM | #1
I know others are having the same issue, but since 1.2 and no better since 1.2.2 the game has become very unstable. It has gone from (for me at least) being absolutely stable and NEVER (ever) crashing to crashing to desktop (program stops responding message) perhaps once every few hours sometimes more often.

It has even frozen my entire PC up twice during conversations and caused a single blue screen (leading it to do a physical memory dump and restarting) when a companion ran off to a distant node then WHAM!.

There doesnt seem to be any predictable cause or pattern to point the finger at as Ive had these CTD's during load screens, conversations, taxi rides, combats etc..etc.. they appear totally random but also totally inevitable.

I use win vista 64 bit OS and I saw previously the issue was being directed at 32 bit OS only, which is definitely not the case.

Also there doesnt seem to be much in the way of actual news about what is being done about this other than "we are aware of an issue". Can we have a bit more info, an ETA on a fix maybe.. as right now im concerned all these crashes are going to do some permanent damage to my PC.

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