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Not another WoW PLEASE!!!

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04.29.2012 , 08:46 AM | #141
Quote: Originally Posted by thominoh View Post
What argument.. By your own admission, every game recently plays the "follow the breadcrumb" design.. BTW.. i have news for you.. Skyrim, Mass Effect are not your traditional MMORPG's.. You must be new to the genre.. Come to the PC with your console gaming experience and expect the same thing..... Have you ever played AD&D? really? LOL
Reading is not one of your strong points eh?

What you are quoting: Congratulations. You also described every single RPG that is out as well

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04.30.2012 , 04:57 AM | #142
Any game that has any remote sense of gear progression or content difficulty is going to have people setting gear requirement for groups (as both a benchmark of player experience, and a way to lower the encounter/instance difficulty) This is not limited to wow, even going back to everquest or hell even NWN (The original, not the bioware remake) had gear requirements for end game.
SWTOR seems to be doing a decent job of that AS IS and WITHOUT all that extra "if you dont have the exact same gear as me or better,then i WONT carry you or you cant carry me so i dont want to group with you" mentality (you did use this word) that you hint to. All that did was make it that much more difficult for people who didnt have that type of gear to GET it.A LOT of people also left wow because of frustration from not being allowed to join groups because they cant sit in front of a computer for 8 hours building gear sets due to the issue of actually having a life OUTSIDE of wow.

I wont even touch the situation where you had people asking for 380 item levels and people STILL managed to sneak into groups wearing GREEN items...and turned around and either OUT HEALED or OUT DPS`d people wearing FULL post deathwing gear sets....but they would NEVER have even been given a chance if they didnt meet the 380 IL req up front.

Heck...ive seen people in wow trade making high item level requirements ...and they DIDNT have that item level THEMSELVES.

My point?

There are players out here who know their class,but dont have a high item level and can do just as well (or BETTER as weve all seen) as someone who does...but are not being taken on groups because they are being "carded" at the front door like an under age child trying to buy beer.

The only problem i have with this game as that my server is DEAD due to low population.Ive spent long periods of time on many planets grinding out levels and have seen days go by without one single heroic request on general chat (and when you make one yourself the only response you get is the sound of chirping crickets).If you are a new player and didnt scout the server out first (as was / is my case),and got a character leveled to 30 or wont get much in the way of heroics. Im REALLY looking forward to server transfers as a result of this.

So id have NO TROUBLE with a LFG or a similar feature,just NOT the addons which make people "racist" about who can or can not go on a group.