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64 Bit OS + Schematics + The Fatman = Unplayable

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64 Bit OS + Schematics + The Fatman = Unplayable

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04.24.2012 , 07:00 PM | #1
I'm paying to not play.

Seriously, how is this not a known issue. You post a sticky about 32 Bit but not 64 bit even when 80% of the crashing threads are 64 bit.

Also, when will you acknowledge that too many learned schematics in crew skills has totally whacked the game for people? It's happening. It's your fault / end and all I see in response is the equivalent of "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

If you CTD on the Fatman you sit in a queue. It's awesome.

I have followed all the instructions from repair to deleting files to naming files to flipping magic.

I want to play, I like the game. I want to give you more money to play. I do expect to be able to play without constant lag and then a crash because I took the time to level crafting skills prior to 1.2.

You know what the workaround is for this problem? DELETE all crew skills so your game doesn't calculate how many items I can craft every time I initiate an action. That's brilliant.

Sort it out.
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04.25.2012 , 01:01 AM | #2
Yeah I don't know why they said 32 bit either. Cause I'm cryin here. I was soloing great today though, and then in a group helping out with H4s BAM. Crash after crash. The upside is I now know exactly how long it takes to get in game and playing from a cold boot. 3m07s. The downside is I'm freaking cold booting!