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Unfortunately I need to take a break

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Unfortunately I need to take a break

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04.05.2012 , 07:39 PM | #1
I have to take a break because i must go army. After my obligated army duty ends and i find a job ill be back. This might be 6 months to 2 years but I will find lots of new things in swtor when im back for sure.

Swtor was the most freshing , fun decision i made in my gaming life.I had left the work so i found opportunity to play it around 8 hours a day since the last beta before release and 22 december. I mostly do pvp and rarely do pve on easy modes at mmos.I QQed alot at the start but to be honest swtor was most balanced mmo i played for pvp.I say this regarding my over all experience ofcourse i dont mean the era before surge nerf , oper. nerf. I played an sin to full battlemaster gear , a marauder to lvl 50 , an operative to 38.

I wanted to write what I liked about swtor. I know game will change by the time but I only wish Bioware keeps their mentality same.

+in Swtor survival cooldowns last very short time from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. There are cooldowns that increase your defences and lasts 12-15 seconds but they are generally designed to be poped with full hp and at the start of the fight.They wont save you when you had %10 hp left.

+armor is not totaly useless in swtor. Classes can wear light medium heavy armor and in swtor a light armor wearer feels the delicateness of being caster / stealth class or heavy armor wearer can feel tolerance of being the heavy guy.However they all can be very fragile or strong depending on how they use their cooldowns , snares , cces. Energy , kinetic damage classification is smart that make armor rating matters.

+There is no auto attack in swtor. There is no " I touched you , you snared " abilities.There is no " you hit me , you took 112 damage".You need to cast an ability to snare , you need to wisely manage an cooldown for a small damage to attackers ability

+Interruptions in swtor are deeply engineered. There is no silence or a type of interruption that prevents you casting one ability from same tree for a time. You need to use your all ccs as interruptions as well as you need to use them to survive , trap enemy.Some casters can tolorate interruptions more then rest and some cant but they have other tools to passively heal , damage.

+Nothing gives the feeling of skipping fires , reaching higher places with force speed.Environment is your tool in swtor.

+Stuns have very short time in swtor. You are immune after a total of 5 second stun .Some classes have ways to avoid them if they are smart enough.Some classes lack stuns , their only stun is 1 minute cooldown and required to be chaneled which limits situations to use them wisely. An ability which makes you resist to an stun effect doesnt performs as an pvp trinket in swtor.Boundaries of abilities are well defined.

+Some ppl complain about knockbacks on swtor as they do on many things that they never question why it exists .There are ppl who just quits game becuase of this. Knockbacks are avoidable for an experienced player. If you are in the middle of 5 players who has knockback abilities and you cant avoid , dont rage. Pvp101 in swtor is knockbacks.

+Environment in warzones have great effect on your success to achieve your goals.Its really plain in other mmos.Swtor allows you to use your creativity , strategies.Even a fresh lvl 50 between last tier equipment geared players can do a lot of help to achieve victory.

I hope you enjoy patch 1.2. Good luck have fun

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04.05.2012 , 10:17 PM | #2
I'll miss you
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