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03.21.2012 , 01:29 PM | #1
SWTOR vs WARHAMMER 40K MMO | Today , 06:58 PM

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I know...i know...This clash is pretty hypothetic because no WARHAMMER 40K MMO exists. There is some negotiations and plans on behalf of THK but nothing definite yet.

But many gamers play SWTOR becasue itīs the only AAA Sfi MMO arround. Would SWTOR have a serious competition if WARHAMMER 40K MMO appears in the future.

In my case, I am a huge fan of both lores, SW and W40K, so my preference would be quite divided. Both universes are huge, exciting, and very sfi.

So definining the combatants:
On one hand, SWTOR developped by Bioware and published by EA.

WARHAMMER 40K MMO would be certainly developped by THK and published by Ubisoft on another side.

Both Bioware and THK are experienced developpers famous by their high quality games.
Bioware, by their RPGs and narative.
THK, by their best looking RTSs with RPG elements. Does somebody remember Company of Heroes ? Multiplayer of Dawn of War 2 ?

Both developpers are heavily PC oriented.

Both EA and Ubisoft are the biggest shark gaming companies capable of providing huge budgets for their developpers.

So.. if WARHAMMER 40K MMO is realeased would it be a strong competion for SWTOR ? Whould you switch the sides ? Whould you stay faithful to SWTOR ? Or the whole my post is stupid ?
What you think ?

PS. WARHAMMER 40K MMO is under development by Vigil Games. Vigil Games is an Austin, Texas based game development company owned by THQ.

PS.PS. This thread has been closed on General Forum due to we were discussing a game which wasnīt SWTOR. Itīs very strange decision for me because how we can discuss the topic "SWTOR vs WARHAMMER 40K MMO" without mentioning WARHAMMER 40K

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03.21.2012 , 01:36 PM | #2
Not sure if it's 100% certain but I read not long ago in a gaming magazine that the 40K game wasn't going to make it.
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03.21.2012 , 01:41 PM | #3
ok for one lets get this straight. No bw dev that made dragon age 1 or mass effect 1 and 2 still works for bioware. They've all been replaced with "warhammer" devs also called "Mythic".

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03.21.2012 , 01:42 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by BroCaptMaximus View Post
Not sure if it's 100% certain but I read not long ago in a gaming magazine that the 40K game wasn't going to make it.
Well...Letīs cross the fingers. Wikipedia says itīs under development by Vigil Games.

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03.21.2012 , 01:46 PM | #5
Vigil has several job openings on their website for designers and programmers for DMO.

The game is called Dark Millenium Online.

In February of this year, it was announced that financial partners were needed to finish project development.

Whether or not DMO makes it is yet to be seen. If it does make it, whether or not it is a themepark MMO or breaks all the new ground it's promising also remains to be seen.

The Warhammer 40K Universe has the most potential for a next gen MMO of any universe out there, best I can tell. If it's done and done right in next-gen MMO style, using The Cloud, etc. it could be that revolutionary game many of us old MMO veterans have been waiting for. If they take the "proven themepark formula", it will be a niche market for loyalist fans (myself included) but in the end it will be an "also ran".
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03.21.2012 , 02:04 PM | #6
Hi everyone,

We ask that threads made on the forums center on discussion of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We have closed this thread as the discussion primarily focuses on other games. Please ensure that topics in on the forums relate to Star Wars: The Old Republic.