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Help me pick a class

Epamek's Avatar

01.28.2012 , 12:22 PM | #1
This is ridiculous. I've had the game since launch, and I still haven't gotten a single character past 20, playing for at least an hour a day on average. I always have altitis problems, but it's worse than ever here.

So give me your opinions.
I don't care about pvp, burst damage, or phat loot. I just want the most group-friendly class possible. Now I've heard about all sorts of issues: gs being gimped in ops because of cover, sents because of melee requirements, scoundrels not having enough energy when burst or aoe hits the group, guardians and shadows not having enough aoe threat, etc.

But I feel like most of that is FoTM. I don't care about that.

So to all you vets: help a guy who's never even set foot on taris out.
What is your most educated guess as to what class will have the most long-term demand?

ps: I played priest in wow for this reason, but my friend already rolled sage, so I'd like to avoid that.

VarnFury's Avatar

01.28.2012 , 12:41 PM | #2
Well i have played almost every class to somewhere in their 20s with an expection of Assassin, but i do read the fourms alot between things. Seeing you're friend has sage, I'd suggest something that would be able to tank. Even if you're not going play with you're friend i still suggest a class with tank. DPS is extermly easy to come by, as every class has a tree for them. Healing normaly would come next as they are the "FoTMs" type or OP in most people's eyes. (Sith side... Sorc, Merc, Op). Tanking seem to be hard to find sometimes, at lest on my server.

As far which one to suggest (As far tanking), i wouldn't know alot about them.

Achromatis's Avatar

01.28.2012 , 04:29 PM | #3
Either a Guardian, Vanguard, or Scoundrel then. Just because one of you is a healer doesnt mean you cant pick a class that can heal as well, one of you can DPS or you can trade every now and then. Scoundrels are pretty complicated, but I had a lot of fun on mine(rerolled Empire recently, and made an Op).

As for which tank... I would probably pick whichever story you liked, or whichever you like the most visually. Like for me I dont like Vans, because using a rifle in melee all the time is just... odd. A shotgun sure, but not a rifle

I probably wouldnt go Shadow though, mainly so youre not competing for drops. Also because compared to a Knight the animations are really lacking and boring to watch, lol(and Consular story is real boring).
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