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Can not play this Game

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12.14.2011 , 06:30 PM | #1
IGNORE THIS THREAD. I thought this was swtor general forum, not star war general.

The game started off great. However,more i play the game, the more bugs i discover. I know there are always bugs during early and launch of MMOs. However, these bugs are very serious, they are liturally game breaking.

During my first beta test, the game went very well. I had no problems with it. However, after the thankgiving beta stress test, and after they install their final build, I just could not stay connected to the server. I disconnected from the game every 30mins. It wasnt always as often, but i would begin disconnecting more and more, too the point i could liturally not play anymore. I always thought, "well its beta they will fix it come launch" they did not. I still disconnect, and always recieve a very annoying "9000 error."

What had really driven me off the edge is this new bug. I began questing in balmorra. I finished a good part of the quests, then i was invited to do a Hammer Station. When i was finish with Hammer Station, i tried to go back to balmorra, to finish off my story quest. But, for some reason, the game will not load balmorra. SWTOR will load any other planet, however, balmorra will not load. The game does not freeze or disconnect me, the bar just does not move at all. Now i cant even finish my story quests.

So i wonder, has anyone else ran into these bugs?

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12.14.2011 , 06:39 PM | #2
sounds like computer to me, likely harddrive but possibly ram. did you try rebooting to see if you can hit the planet then? if you can hit after reboot it might be ram instead. I would guess disconnects and data loading are 2 seperate issues. likely only connected in the fact that they both have to do with your pc or possibly your compatibility. OS, system specs, hardware list might help shed some light. Trolls don't give specs because fixed problems take away their fun.

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12.14.2011 , 06:39 PM | #3
doesn't sound like a bug... maybe this will help?

Here are some general trouble shooting tips to help your troubles with the game online or on a Local Area Network (LAN).

First, be sure to disable any firewalls you have running.

Software firewalls can simply be turned off, usually by right clicking on the icons near your clock and selecting "Close" or "Exit".
Hardware firewalls should be bypassed by going from the computer directly to your modem, skipping any router you may have.
Try cycling the Power on your modem.

If you have Windows XP, there is a built in Firewall that we will want to disable. Please follow these steps to do so:

Double click "My Network Places" on your Desktop or in your Start Menu
Click "View Network Connections"
Right click on "Local Area Connection" and Select "Properties"
Click the "Advanced" tab
Make sure to uncheck the box under "Internet Connection Firewall"

If you have Windows 95, 98 or ME try using this method to reset your Network connection.

Click on Start and then Run.
In the Open box, type in: winipcfg
Click "Ok"
When the Windows IP Configuration box comes up, Click "Release".
Then Click "Renew"
Then close the Windows IP Configuration box

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