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Star Wars games you don't like...

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Star Wars games you don't like...

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01.25.2012 , 04:39 PM | #1
Ok, there are a lot of threads about games you like or you play, but lets start the opposite:
which games of the Star Wars franchise you don't like?

A game I have a grudge against is The Force Unleashed. It was so high praised when it was published. Gameplay: running around in one direction and just grinding a lot of Stormtroopers and aliens, then a little button tapping against bosses. Storywise, I really hated the end. We already had 32 years of Star Wars and suddenly they came up with this guy, who battled and won against Darth Vader and the emperor on the death star and saved the rebellion just a year or so before Luke did.
Imagine Leia getting rescued by Luke and Han: Thanks for getting me off the death star, guess what, last year another random hero guy did that already.