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Match Colors to Chest

TheSeventhJedi's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 03:57 PM | #1
I know it's gone, and I know they say they're working on making its absence suck less. However, in the days when we were forumless, there was a community blog about it. One of the reasons the dev gave for its absence was that it made finding new boots less exciting. Okay, I'm putting words in his mouth. Essentially, it said that since so many pieces of gear look the same, looting became less exciting when your look didn't change at all, and that removing the match colors to chest option brought that excitement back.

I've got a few problems with this.

First - boots? Really? Even without the match colors option, half of them look the same.

Second - boots? REALLY? Who gets excited about boots unless they're purple or higher, can fly, and lace up all the way to your knees to warn everyone you're about to kick them in the twin suns?

Thirdly, a genuine point. I believe that removing match colors actually added disappointment to the loot system. When match colors was in, if you found new gear, and it was better than what you were wearing, it got equipped - no questions asked. If it altered your look, it was a cool novelty. If it didn't, well, you got better stuff, and were still happy. If you found a new cool chest piece, all of your gear changed - which was really cool sometimes. With match colors gone, I preview any item before putting it on. If it's only a marginal improvement, and it makes me look like a clown, I vendor the thing. If it's a significant improvement, and it makes me look like a clown, I equip it, and brood until I can find equipment that at least kinda matches. Of course, by the time I find it, I find a new great gear piece I can't pass up, and I look like a clown again. I actually dread equipping some loot that I would've been excited for had match colors remained in game.

Fourth, thank God for crafting.

P.S. We know, you didn't get into EGA. Please keep discussion here relevant to the feature.
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