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Bioware and its brilliance!

Rebornlos's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 03:54 PM | #1
I have not entered the game myself and have been glued to the forums. i am in the middle of finals and have nothing better to do so why not right?

I want to thank Bioware for taking the time to put out a damn good game that has people clawing at the walls to get into. i want to thank them for taking steps to ensure that when i log in my server will be stable and enjoyable.

I keep seeing people say Bioware is doing this wrong yet they cant pull themselves away from their comps long enough to not rage harder as each hour passes.

If people are dying to get into the game Bioware has done something right, it is when customers are mad that game play sucks that they are doing something wrong.

I am no fan boi but i am a fan of well made games and from what i played in the Beta this game is awesome!! I can see why people are crying about not getting in but seriously you know that if it wasn't awesome you wouldn't care.

Be patient you'll forget about this crap as soon as you can log in. I have about 10 friends that are already in and they call me every hour to rub it in. i think its funny and it just serves to keep me hyped for when i finally get in.

Thanks Bioware keep up the good work.
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