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Op Nerf: Balance the Balance

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Op Nerf: Balance the Balance

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01.23.2012 , 09:15 AM | #1
Ok, I get it. I have a level 50 Operative. I hit 50 a bit ago and geared in all Orange/Green mid 40's requirements I was able to plant people (I aimed for Gunslingers and healers) and take their life down by a significant amount. Could I kill a healer before they got up? No. A lot of these videos that are posted on the forums are also a lie. Look close. There's bullets, lasers, etc hitting the target that the general public is lead to believe is being solo'd.

Is that true 100% of the time? Maybe not.. but it is prevalent. Propaganda at it's best.

I understand the burst damage being a little too high though. Here's the thing though, for every thread made where people were complaining about Ops/Scounds, there were people mentioning a nerf would break PvE, as we already have little to no sustained dps.

We were already glass cannons, one-trick-ponies, lolstunandkites.. So how about balancing this nerf and not killing the class? Increasing the base damage of something like corrosive dart (for non-snipers/gunslingers), adding a higher modifier to shiv/backstab/lacerate etc, something that wount increase burst but increase sustained. Take from one hand, give to the other. This will prevent a limping gimp being lol'd out of PvE. Increasing a form of our ranged dps would kill the ability of other classes to kite us so much and allow us to maintain dps while recovering from all these knockbacks or chasing ballcarriers that are (constantly) out of our effective range.

Maybe lower ability costs 10%, add in a talent like Sniper's nest.. something to ease the face that Ops are the lowest played 50's, are intentional difficult to master, and are being handcuffed in damage while Sorc/Mercs bash their head into the keyboard and hold their own.

2 cents..