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Solutions For Some Recurrent Problems

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Solutions For Some Recurrent Problems

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12.14.2011 , 12:10 PM | #1
Solutions For Some Recurrent Problems

- Cannot Edit/Change Forum Avatar/Signature (Not Connected message)

Refresh the page until it works.

- Getting Out of Range message
Find the "client_defaults.ini" there and change "Fullscreen=True" to "Fullscreen=False"
then save it.
Then load the game and change the preferences.

- Error: ABORT: Pointer is NULL (\socket.c/385)
Pop up the MSE Window (click on the little fortress in the systray).
Go to the Settings, then down to Excluded Processes (and enter launcher.exe and SWTOR.exe), and to Excluded Files and Locations (and enter the launcher.exe and SWTOR.exe files).

other possible solutions at the link

- Error: This environment is currently unavailable for play
Resetting the Password seems to solve this issue. Check thread for more info.

- There are no Servers in the server list

Quoting "yellow text"
When you are experiencing a blank server list, it may be caused through your firewall or antivirus settings. Please make sure that not only the launcher.exe but also the swtor.exe has full rights to communicate.

You will find useful information in our help center:

- No Cursor in game
Turn off windows mouse trails (pointer trails).

- Unable to open Nodespec Cache for writing
Are you using an old Beta client? If so Uninstall it and re-install the game.

- Redeemed my Pre-Order code but the "Redeem a Product Registration Code" in "My Account" is not checked.

That will only be checked after you enter your Product Code, not your pre-order code.
Product code will be with your Hardcopy when you get it or be sent to you by email in the 16th if you got Origin's Digital version.

Don't forget to check the Hot Issues sticky thread. Lot's of info and solutions there.