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To the people complaining about not getting in.

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To the people complaining about not getting in.

samklown's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 12:05 PM | #1
I truthfully to God don't understand it. I really don't. I've read countless threads and the logic just is incomprehensible to me. Let me say my side then you can flame war each other or whatever but here are the FACTS:

1. Bioware promised us 'up TO 5 days early access'. Some people got even 7. But up to early access does not mean you are entitled to get 5 days. It means you get 1 day or more. They promised early access but in no way shape or form or HOWEVER you word it did they say you would get 5 days each and every one. If you pre ordered 3 months after a large group of people how can you expect to get in before those people that have been involved in the community of the site daily, and yes I mean daily.

2. Staggered Release. Has been a complete success on the technical side. There has been absolutely no lag or server restarts or d/c's or anything on my end. It has been an amazing transition from beta to game. You can tell they did some graphical work since the September betas and the game plays almost flawlessly. So those saying this release was a terrible idea? Obviously don't know the advantages of doing this so the server builds up and can compensate for people who join later on.

3. Release Date. The release date is december 20th folks. Go to bestbuy, walmart, anywhere. The game is not on the selves. So if you preordered it? You get to play before others. And yes you may only get 1 extra day. But Bioware didn't have to do this. They are being EXTREMELY awesome and kind about letting us play the game early as a reward for paying attention and pre ordering.

4. Personally. You can hate all you want. But its finals week. I did get my email yesterday in the first wave. Played all day. Will not be on again until after release. Why? Because I got lucky that i got my email on my only free day for a week and a half to come. Be grateful you are going to get any time in this game because it is a game people. Life is, should, and always will come first. So stop screaming bloody murder at Bioware. Maybe you simply have issues which prevent you from understanding the simple facts that this is a game and everyone who preordered it will get the chance to play it earlier than everyone else.

I wish you all the best in life and good hunting in game and hopefully I'll see a few of you in game in a week or so. Cheers.