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What body size is your bounty hunter? How does it look?

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What body size is your bounty hunter? How does it look?

TempestasSilva's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 03:42 PM | #21
Type 1, Male, Rattataki

I like the fact that he is small. Its like he uses brains and tech to beat people, he doesnt need to be some muscle bound lunkhead.

As for type 4, the "fat man"... All I have to say is that I have a Jedi Consular alt that is that body type and he is Epic Win. Think Friar Tuck from Robin Hood legends.

Spritas's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 03:44 PM | #22
Chiss female type 3 - the big one

OklahomaSooner's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 03:46 PM | #23
Body Type 3 looks so freakishly unrealistic, I wonder how people can play as them.

Spritas's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 03:48 PM | #24
Well, diversity is great fun- most people are not that single minded, hopefully...
And I love being a big, bad, blue amazonian female!

jhwi's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 04:14 PM | #25

Powertech - Body Type 3
Merc - Body Type 2

I named my Powertech Brock and off course he had to be body type 3, though I was pissed there wasn't a blond mullet choice for hairstyle, so I went the short military mohawk with the bad *** face tattoo that wraps around your head.

My bro plays a Merc and went Cyborg Body Type 2 with the eye piece and a scar across that eye to make it look like something clawed that eye out.

Both look "right".

Nothing beat my Juggernaut though, named him Bane, body type 3 cyborg. Being bald, with dark side corruption and face respirator makes him look like Bane from Batman!

oredith's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 04:55 PM | #26
Human fatty (type 4?)

i love running up to people and hitting jet boost.

looks like i'm giving them a belly bump.

i need to find another fat BH to take a picture.
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Menaur's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 04:56 PM | #27
This Mercenary looks realy great with body type 2

Faydra's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 08:02 PM | #28
I made my female BH type 2. I was pretty okay with it overall and felt it was really the look I was going for - athletic and fit without being overboard.

However, certain attributes are definitely enhanced by the BH armor. Distractingly so (my husband teases me and asks me to go afk so he can stare at my BH in game all the time).

It's even more hilarious because my female smuggler is body type 1 in medium armor. It's amusing to click back and forth between the two and see the difference.
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Tenacity's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 11:42 PM | #29
Male, body type 2.

Body type 1 is way too scrawny to be a convincing 'tough guy', while body type 3 looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids, might get the 'tough guy' look across but it also makes you look ridiculous IMO.

Body type 2 is a tad on the lean side, but is the most 'realistic' body type for a healthy humanoid male, as far as I'm concerned.
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Manufacture's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 12:25 AM | #30
Female, Zabrak, Body-3 (Amazon build)

With all the heavy armor you wear, this body type suited me just fine. I think it makes sense for a BH to be a little on the beefy side. And for females, they don't look as grotesquely huge as the males.

Athletic and tough.