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dont have to accept what i say. instead you can go learn a bit about how movies are made, the proccess on how they are made. Arbams is Producer/Director, his partner Burk is a producer and JJ's production company Bad Robot is the production company. for anyone to argue that JJ is just going to be basically directing actors is just crazy. again, learn how movies are made, the whole proccess from start to finish. then you will understand what all those tittles mean and you wont have to take my word for it or "accept" what i say.
"learn how movies are made"

Oh I should have seen this one coming. LOL

The heart of your argument is based on hyperbole which ultimately ends in telling me to go learn how movies are made.

So typical this is the standard reaction from people who have no argument.

If this were any type of "official" inquiry your argument would have been thrown out from the first post.

Within Lucasfilm is a little division known as Industrial Light & Magic founded in 1975 these guys are the pioneers of special effects.

Other then Weta Workshop they have no peers.

Like many special effects heavy movies Star Trek was done by ILM, because Bad Robot doesn't have the capability.

Bad Robot founded in 1998 by comparison is still in its toddler stage compared to Lucasfilm whom Kennedy is now chairman of which is just another reason why JJ won't have as much control as you seem to think and more importantly can't prove.

you and others can keep believing that Kennedy and Lucasfilm are creating everything and JJ is hired on just to direct or performances
Please feel free to point out and highlight any of my previous posts where I say JJ is not co-producing the new movie.
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