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06.05.2019 , 02:50 PM | #17
It is not really possible to create even matches. But most people if they are like me would like at least a tiny chance to win most every match. I can really only think of 1 premade that probably has a no challenge 100% win rate under every circumstance. Blocking players is quite drastic, too drastic probably. Perhaps if there was a limit of 3, and it would have to be legacy based. So if you ignore someone, one of your legacies three ignore slots is used, and you are blocking an entire legacy (not a character). But it seems silly to have to create a system to solve a single problem. Would be better if the top 4 players in the game would simply split the queues, but I guess that probably is not realistic. I cannot imagine a 100% win rate without breaking a sweat being fun, but that's just me.

A better solution perhaps would be for match-maker to give us a 20 v 4 in the case where the 4 haven't had a loss in 5 years or something....;-) I'm joking, how about if the 4 have a greater than 75% win rate in their last 20 matches. Because really, even numbered teams probably cannot ever fix that situation. And really, the 4 may still win 90% of the time (in DM), but I'd get my tiny percent chance to win....hehehe. In Sats maybe 6v18. Either way, I bet we can come up with better ideas than a /ignore list.