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This is true, but one has to ask themselves: Should it be any other way?

Granting LS/DS abilities, stats or other "hard" perks would always be unbalanced or perceived as unbalanced. Already, some complain that companion affection forces their hand when RPing their character through conversations.
you are correct, its the only fair way to do it. i was just trying to drive home the point that LS/DS choices are essentially pointless, outside of the scant few items that require a certain LS/DS lvl to use.

companions is a whole different can of worms. recently, after hearing mako cry about my choices for the umpteenth time, i told her in no uncertain terms, 'dont like it? GFTO'. a minute later, not only did she accept a gift after this incredibly rude reply, she is happier with me than ever! meanwhile skadge and gault are rofl-ing everytime i tell her to ****...and she still sticks around. either the companion system is flawed, or mako has zero self respect.
whats inside?