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03.01.2013 , 06:11 PM | #4
While I enjoy running RP events or group missions with other people, I don't come here to socialize likes its Facebook.

Its a game, half the people on any given planet are in a group, the other half running their solo missions. They're not there hanging out waiting for someone to strike up a conversation. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, its happened to me a few times, but no one is obligated to answer you should you throw a comment or two out into general chat. If you do it every once-in-awhile, you're bound to get an answer eventually, I know I have.

The community is pretty helpful on my server, PUGs happen often, people sometimes chat it up.

Its a game, most people come here to play the game, not looking for long or deep conversations. While its nice to socialize with others, I don't go looking for it, but I participate when it happens.

Maybe you just need to re-think why you're really here.