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Quote: Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Can you please tell us a release date for 5.10.3 so we know when to expect Dantooine? Thank you
You can expect to get a release date for 5.10.3 later this month, hopefully with the “New In-Game Event - The Pirate Incursion” article.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
I think it is strongly in everyone's interest -- including BW's -- for you to discuss both the Advanced Class Abilities and the Spoils of War categories sooner rather than later. Let's stipulate that I have several obvious and notable Hutt-like strengths. One of them, however, is not programming and coding. Reliable sources tell me, though, it takes a while to do.
We agree completely with this. Once I’m done working on 5.10.3 related articles, I’ll be laying the foundation for the initial articles of ‘Onslaught’. The first deep-dive that I plan to start working on will be involving “Spoils of War”. We definitely want to keep the ball rolling with open dialogue on this, so you can expect a lot of information on this front. We will be kicking this off with more details via livestream and the forums in the coming weeks.

Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
I would also suggest that you explain that the event on Dantooine is an event such as Gree, Bounty Hunter and the Rakqhoul missions which will rotate because a lot of people are thinking it will be a daily area such as Black Hole, Oricion etc. This may need to be explained so everyone.
This exact thing will be covered in detail with the upcoming “New In-Game Event - The Pirate Incursion” article.
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