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So the reason we recomend Targ Telem is basically the ship is as evasive as possible, basically just taking it for the extra 8% evasion, but the extra dmg is nice. It has a 30 sec cd with a 15 sec duration so you basically get that 8% evasion 50% of the match. Now we did also recommend that if you wanted a full dmg build its there in the description, the full gunship killing build. I hope that helps clear up why we suggested those
That's an awfully small payoff for the amount of requisition you spend to master a major component slot. Evasion is the best per unit defensive stat, but it's not good enough at that price.

For Telemetry to be worth it for a type 2 fighter you need to use it liberally and in a way that benefits from as many of it's utility functions as possible. Depending on overall ship build it could be quite a bit better than booster recharge but in order for it to compete with blaster overcharge you'd need to be really good a extracting every last bit of utility out of telemetry pretty much as close to on cooldown as you can manage.

I'd say it's a decent but not great choice for a highly skilled pilot. You could make a case that it beats blaster overcharge for a pilot so new to the game that they either forget to use blaster overcharge or have such bad aim that they miss most of their shots. In that case the pilot is likely going to be able to use every bit of defensive resource that they can get, and if they aren't running out of engine pool, then telemetry is the only system on a type 2 scout that gives a defensive benefit. Of course I'm not sure how many pilots will still be that green by the time they get enough req to unlock a tier 4 upgrade on a ship unlocked with fleet req.

Like many component choices in GSF it's nuanced and situational with no single choice guaranteed to be a global optimum.
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