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After mulitple tickets in-game, 3 customer service inquiries and 3 telephone calls, exceeding 3-4 hours of wasted time on the phone (was just on the phone - was transfered to another department - after over 1 hour of waiting for someone to pick up the phone, the phone systems notified that SWTOR is having technical difficulties with the phone lines - is there anything that they don't consistantly have technical difficulties with?), I am still without cartel coins that I bought! All of my tickets in-game have been closed, with no solution or reply. My 3 web support forms submitted have not been responded to. The two responses given in this forum are inadequet and misleading.

My time is being wasted. My money is being misappropriated. My patiences is gone. This is ridiculous.
I have not returned to the game, as I vowed not to until this matter is resolved. I am not in the habit of giving money to huge greedy corporations who will openly steal from their memebers and make no effort to resolve the matter. My subscriptions are paid in full for the next 6 months (we have several accounts for our household and our employees) and each and every account member has reported this type of poor customer service.

If I am not credited back the cartel coins that I paid for very soon, I will be reversing my payments to SWTOR and filing a fraud report to my financial institution. Additionally, I would like either additional credits for the past 7 days to be added to my account in the form of Cartel Coins, or game time - continuing to accrue until this matter is fully resolved. This is a total outrage that SWTOR would steal from their members!
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