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The morning of the 8th, you stole my cartel coins and cartel items - it is now the late evening of the 10th and despite the numerous tickets (as advised by your phone support - also a report taken over the phone) and the numerous attempts to get support without avail - i shall not return to my account until you restore my cartel points which have been paid for and deducted from my bank account. My patience with you has run out - and has been called upon by you too many times in your incompetence.

Mindful, every day that you do not return my money that is not yours to keep from me, or until you return my coins, i will remain out of the game and for those days, i will also look to you for a refund or game time credit (at my choice) as this is not the type of gaming experience i signed up for! I have paid, you have accepted the funds, you are obligated to me, not the other way around - i as many of the others - have fulfilled our obligations - now fulfill yours! My account is paid in full for 6 months - you will make this up to me, or i will be charging back your payment with my financial institution as failure to deliver goods or services that have been duly paid for.
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