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Maybe try in the morning my tolerance level for customer service people on the phone is getting to a low point cause they tend to avoid giving you a straight answer. Plus whose investigating the problem what has he found is there a time frame. Give something to quell the masses before people get more aggravated . Even mass post on the forum saying it's being addressed and will be posted soon with a adequate response
Exactly, if they would just let us know what is going on, versus their standard protocol of ignoring us... just lets us know, which was what I was hoping to see when we logged in, instead I saw the note about exploits being their Highest Priority atm, I thought... really? That is their highest concern, when you have probably 10 pages of reports and ppl begging for help and resolve! What a joke. As for the phone support, you might get lucky, the guy I spoke to was nice enough, but I am just suspicious (considering previous support cases) that anything will come of it... lip service, if not total disregard seems to be how they handle things in this game.
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