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i dont usually partake in these kind of things but this topic caught my eyes really.


i play a pureblood vanguard as my main these days light side and romanced elara. i liked the idea of being different to the men and women of many species you may see in the republic army, although should a time come when nautolans become availible and possibly race changes come to store as is possible from wot i read on a dulfy interview with bw.

i liked the idea of being a pureblood trooper mainly because i havent seen any around on my server while im sure there are i just wanted to be different. i went light side mainly coz i dont like to play dark side outside of empire and i want my vg to be a person of honor and intergrity and serves the republic to the best and highest of standards the citizens should expect while never hearing of my actions.

i felt it fit well with my charactor and my decisions did seem odd at first u see a red skinned yellow eyed pureblood and u expect mayhem and murder and there i came doing good things lol.

i would like to play inquisitor lightside but i simply dont have any charactor space left on my server to many 50s and alts only 4 of which are below 50. as i would like to romace and play a lightside for ashara and see how light side works as i have a full dark side sorc so would be interesting to see light side.

i have to many other chars to talk bout my experiances but i like the idea of a dark side sage mainly coz it doesnt really seem like something they would do but i just cant bring myself to be a bad little jedi ;p
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