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Jedi Consular - Miraluka all the way for me. I think this race exemplified what I had in mind for my Shadow. I did agree the whole Master romancing the Padawan seemed wrong, even for the Jedi Knight but they didn't leave much choice who else we could romance unless we chose no one. I went full light an that was perfect for my Consular.
For a Sage I would go female/Zabrak/light/Iresso tho I haven't gotten very far with my Sage yet.

Jedi Knight - Again I think Miraluka would be awesome for this class but I did human twice on mine because I wanted the facial hair. Unfortunately you cannot get facial hair with Miralukas or most non human races in this game which is what I wanted. I wanted a Jedi who looked like they had wisdom but still young. Again light for me and romanced Kira tho if there was another option it would have picked it. A close choice would also be Mirialian as a Sentinel.

Smuggler - Twi'lek or human. I did human male once and didn't like the hair choices. (I'm black so most of my toons are dark/black as well except my Trooper which is a white female lol but hair on this game sucks for rolling a black toon unless you go bald or dreads.) I have a female Twi'lek and she is my 2nd or 3rd favorite toon so far. The class and story really fits her tho but I would have liked to romance Risha. Mine is light all the way, because she is a good girl at heart even if she is crass at times. If I decided to play my male smuggler he would be a human, older looking with facial hair. Neutral alignment. He would have a F- the police type of attitude lol but he would help the Republic as much as possible.

Trooper - I rolled 3 toons and I want to delete them all. Female human, male human and male mirialian. I wanted to make an alien toon for this class but can't get over not being able to have facial hair for my toon lol. Light side all the way tho. Well maybe a few dark choices like killing someone who is a nuisance with no remorse.

Warrior - Zabrak or human would work well for this class. Especially Zabrak with red facial tattoos. Fully dark side even tho mine is mostly gray/dark at this time. Weird thing is, for dark side toons I don't mind not having facial hair.

Sith Inquisitor - Sith species works perfect for this class but I also think a red twi'lek works because of the slave role or a human. Mine is human. Bald. No facial hair lol. He is actually light side because of comments I saw on the forums about treachery for the story line lol.

Bounty Hunter - Zabrak or Human. Human female or male Zabrak. Neutral for a female leaning more light and dark for a male. Ruthless son of a gun. Kicks kittens for fun. Steals people's lunches out the fridge kind of guy even if their name is on the bag.

Imperial Agent - Human or Chiss. They fit the role perfectly. Sly conniving sons of hutts. Neutral because they are only out for their own selves. Would sell a Sith into slavery if he would get away with it. I would say male but I know women like that too lol.
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