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Let me see:

Bounty Hunter
Neutral, leaning Light Side female cyborg has always fit best, for me. I adore the Torian romance and completely RP her cybernetic implants. Her story is one of self-discovery, so that she starts off making mostly dark side choices but eventually more and more light side. My girl despised Skadge, though. He still seems a complete waste of space on her ship.

Sith Warrior
Dark Side with a splash of light choices female human. She's all about making the Empire stronger, more powerful. And she completely loves Quinn, shrug. She hated Baras, in fact, more than she ever blamed Quinn for anything.

Imperial Agent
Dark Side male human. My Warrior's little brother. Protective, to a point. But he's all business when it comes to destroying those who threaten the Empire's interests. Tell him to kill a target and they'll die. Oh, and he hates Kaliyo. Even if he will sleep with her. But that's only so he can keep her working as a happy little tool.

I've played two smugglers through to the end.
First was a body type 1 female Twi'lek. She was cute as heck and Corso loved her. But I played her as wanting freedom more than anything and wasn't sure, at the end, the story really worked, for me.
My second smuggler was much more fun. He was a light side male human. Absolutely adorable; a fun-loving character, so that it was just plain impossible to make him Dark Side. I loved every moment of his story. He ended up romancing Akavi towards the end of the story, only because Risha didn't mesh well with the character he'd grown to be by then. But also because he would've felt too tied down being King to anything. He didn't like becoming the erstwhile leader of a fleet, in fact.
I want to play another smuggler, eventually. Light Side female human next time. I just want to see if I can make the story work out better for that character, shrug.

Jedi Knight
Started a Light Side male Pureblood, firstly. But couldn't reconcile his alignment with a Kira romance. The entire thing felt "off" to me. And it pretty much ruined the story, honestly. Didn't help that I couldn't really get a true appreciation for his species. Something about having my red-skinned Sith-y featured Knight facing Lord Praven on Tatooine, while the Sith wondered if the Jedi would accept a Pureblood Sith into the order, just frustrated me. I never completed that character.
So I ended up with a Light Side female human. Even if she did take some healthy chunks of dark side points to romance Doc. Totally worth it, lol.

Sith Inquisitor
Light Side Pureblood female. Body type 1, because her slave origins meant her early diet was deficient in neccessary resources. That she began life as a slave always kept her grounded in the sense the Empire needed huge changes and she remained fairly focused on more merciful approaches to the weakest of th Empire's people. I may shake the story up a bit by playing another Inquisitor, make her dark side, just to see how much different that sort of approach might be. Dunno yet.

Jedi Consular
Light Side male Miraluka. This is the only class where, to me, a body type 1 male character seems to make sense. I finally felt comfortable playing a Consular once I made him look that way. Having said that, I still haven't finished the story. So I'm waiting to the end before making a final judgement one way or another.

Trooper (eventually)
Neutral leaning Light Side Cathar female. Yes, I'm gonna make sure Aric can have kittens. Sue me, lol.
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