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Kata forms: Like cold showers, but with broader practical applications. Also, I have always wanted more Orgus Din content; Kira impersonating Orgus Din would be an acceptable, hilarious solution.

Isoviel: Ah, that moment when you realize your brat sibling landed a good one. Before you did. What the hell? She must have used witchcraft. Jerk.

I realized after posting that I made Larr Gith ultra depressing by saying, in her fragment, that Doc never seems happy anyway. I meant the complete opposite! He never seems unhappy with their ridiculous excesses. That has been corrected in the text.

Ves, upon re-re-reading your drabbles (don't judge) I still adore them. The raw spare shorter statements of loneliness - "She doesn't know what she's looking for", everything Arden Zariel thinks, Drusilla "know[ing] she never will be", "His heart isn't in it" - they're fantastic. The image of the chalice laced with cracks for Thaera is just gorgeous, the way Khem Val thinks of Darth Nox is perfectly fitting, I keep coming back to Nox herself, and apparently I'm a mushfest today. Mush. Fest.
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