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Bibo love, love, love you...

Well it's baaaack....and Neeku is as intelligence depriving as ever. Can someone remind me again why Yaeger and the others actually value his company because he doesn't seem to be that brilliant a mechanic either. But I guess they need some adorably dumb mascot in a cartoon series.

Other than this the only serious problem I have with this series is too much Kaz and Neeku and not enough Aces. I do want to see those characters explored more, especially Fenris.
Agreed, after 2 more episodes of making Kaz look as incompetent as possible, I seriously have to question what this show's even about:

Is this a Resistance spy show? They've already identified who is working with the FO, how they are doing so and the reason the FO is interested in the platform. So the question is, what is Kaz even still doing there? Season should be over and moving on to some other topic.

Is it about a cool fighter pilot squadron? I doubt it since they are rarely shown. This was what I thought the show would be originally, and it's pretty good at it when they are even in an episode.

Is it establishing characters who will be recruited into the Resistance team in Ep9? I doubt it since the targeted age range of the show is clearly extremely low with all the slap-stick humor.
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