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06.13.2012 , 03:09 AM | #21
MY guild has ran HM EV/KP and did Nightmare Mode EV, we were in all rakata when we went into Storymode denova and we had a huge difficulty killing the first boss and last boss.. From what i believe SM Denova is alot harder then Nightmare mode EV. first boss puts out so much damage you gotta get the mechanic down to help your healers out. exspecially melee dps tank a ton of damage if you have them on toth. Last boss/Kephess. is a pain with all the aoe damage going around. i dont know how we did it but our guild killed the walker in 2 shots which screwed us up in the end cause we had another phase before kephess came down. so yah everthing comes around mechanics and knowing what to do to keep your healers happy