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The location of lost starfighters is a top priority following the conflicts known as the Jedi civil war. As the posabilities of jedi reaching civilized systems narrow, many of the survivors tasked with rebuilding the presence of the order have chosen to disperse rather than continue a path. War was never the calling of the order that has fought to bring peace across the galaxy. Those names will be added to the report, to ease there transition to whatever life they choose in the course of time.

There is evidence of tampering in the surviving record, as if some part of the history was changed. It is unclear what the disapearence of so many has ment to the record of the past, though it may be a greater hand is already at work. If there is infact a system with the ability to use a temporal shift of its own star to travel through time, the exidence should be visable on holo scans of any life form, it is no longer clear to the record what side anyone took durring the conflicts of the past decade. The record has been ordered sealed by the council for review at the expiration of the time index.