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Welp, I'm gonna throw in my noob experience on my merc healer (just level 33, first character). I've only done the flashpoints/heroics as I level, but I've only had a couple of deaths in my teams, and that from just not knowing what to expect (the tank and I stood in the fire in one case, LOL). Under normal circumstances everyone finishes a fight at or near full health. I don't have trouble dealing with either pulling aggro myself (Kolto Overload is awesome as a last resort if your tank/team don't notice you getting creamed) or healing DPS who pull aggro, and I almost always get complimented for my healing.

I haven't gotten a chance to try out Kolto Shell yet in a group, so that's yet another tool that's great for the tank or to swap to a DPS that's suddenly taking heavy fire. Now, there may be situations in harder content that really make one healing style superior, but as long as you manage your resources properly (kolto missile is huge for this, at least for me, I use only this on DPS that have taken a little damage or if the tank hasn't lost significant health between rapid fires), merc healing has been a breeze so far. The trick seems to be to ... use as few of your direct heals as possible, lol. I know that sounds weird but if you can get by without using them, your heat levels will thank you. Rapid Fire ('free" healing that amounts to a HoT) and Kolto Missile are my bread and butter. Prioritize Healing Scan over Rapid Scan, particularly with Supercharged Gas which removes the cooldown on Healing Scan for a bit. That's my "oh crap" button.

EDIT: I should also add that I only PUG, so the teams have been a mixed bag of noobs like me and experienced people. No voice chat etc. I can't compare the two styles, but I hope I've at least given you an idea of what the healing style seems to be on merc. And I kinda like Kolto Missile animation, lol. Pretty mint green cloud P: